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Large-Scale18 * *YouTube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding Workshop
* 2nd YouTube-8M Large-Scale Video Understanding Challenge, The
* Approach for Video Classification with Multi-label on YouTube-8M Dataset
* Building A Size Constrained Predictive Models for Video Classification
* Constrained-Size Tensorflow Models for YouTube-8M Video Understanding Challenge
* Hierarchical Video Frame Sequence Representation with Deep Convolutional Graph Network
* Label Denoising with Large Ensembles of Heterogeneous Neural Networks
* Large-Scale Video Classification with Feature Space Augmentation Coupled with Learned Label Relations and Ensembling
* Learnable Pooling Methods for Video Classification
* Learning Video Features for Multi-label Classification
* NeXtVLAD: An Efficient Neural Network to Aggregate Frame-Level Features for Large-Scale Video Classification
* Non-local NetVLAD Encoding for Video Classification
* Temporal Attention Mechanism with Conditional Inference for Large-Scale Multi-label Video Classification
* Towards Good Practices for Multi-modal Fusion in Large-Scale Video Classification
* Training Compact Deep Learning Models for Video Classification Using Circulant Matrices
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