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CVUAV17 * *Computer Vision for UAVs
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Urban Signatures with Application to Drone Localization
* Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images with Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization
* Detection, Estimation and Avoidance of Mobile Objects Using Stereo-Vision and Model Predictive Control
* Distributed Bundle Adjustment
* Embedded Real-Time Object Detection for a UAV Warning System
* Feature-Based Efficient Moving Object Detection for Low-Altitude Aerial Platforms
* Robust UAV-Based Tracking Using Hybrid Classifiers
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CVUAV18 * *Computer Vision for UAVs
* Aerial GANeration: Towards Realistic Data Augmentation Using Conditional GANs
* ChangeNet: A Deep Learning Architecture for Visual Change Detection
* Joint Exploitation of Features and Optical Flow for Real-Time Moving Object Detection on Drones
* Metrics for Real-Time Mono-VSLAM Evaluation Including IMU Induced Drift with Application to UAV Flight
* Onboard Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Compressed Sensing and Deep Learning
* Real-Time Embedded Computer Vision on UAVs
* SafeUAV: Learning to Estimate Depth and Safe Landing Areas for UAVs from Synthetic Data
* ShuffleDet: Real-Time Vehicle Detection Network in On-Board Embedded UAV Imagery
* Teaching UAVs to Race: End-to-End Regression of Agile Controls in Simulation
* UAV-GESTURE: A Dataset for UAV Control and Gesture Recognition
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