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CMetImAly77 * *Computer Methods in Images Analysis
* Adjacency in Digital Pictures
* Application of Heuristic Search Methods to Edge and Contour Detection, An
* Computer Analysis of Moving Polygonal Images
* Decomposition of a Visual Scene into Three-Dimensional Bodies
* Edge and Curve Detection for Visual Scene Analysis
* Edge Detection by Computer Using Planning
* Formal Description for Two-Dimensional Patterns, A
* Fourier Preprocessing for Hand Print Character Recognition
* IBM 1975 Optical Page Reader, Part II: Video Thresholding, The
* IGS: A Paradigm for Integrating Image Segmentation and Interpretation
* Impossible Objects as Non-Sense Sentences
* Machine Perception of 3-D Solids
* On Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* On the Encoding of Arbitrary Geometric Configurations
* Operator which Locates Edges in Digitized Pictures, An
* Picture Segmentation by a Directed Split and Merge Procedure
* Relaxation Labelling and the Reduction of Local Ambiguities
* Representation and Matching of Pictorial Structures, The
* Scene Analysis Using Regions
* Semantics-Based Decision Theory Region Analyzer, A
* Some Techniques for Recognizing Structures in Pictures
* Textural Features for Image Classification
* Transformation for Extracting New Descriptions of Shape, A
* Use of the Hough Transform to Detect Lines and Curves in Pictures
* Visual Pattern Recognition by Moment Invariants
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