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ASAJ( Vol No. ) * *American Statistical Association Journal

ASAJ(54) * Fitting of Straight Lines when Both Variables are Subject to Error, The

ASAJ(59) * On the difficulties Inherent in Fisher's Fiducial Argument

ASAJ(66) * Objective Criteria for the Evaluation of Clustering Methods

ASAJ(79) * Least Median of Squares Regression

ASAJ(82) * Probabilistic Solution of Ill-Posed Problems in Computational Vision

ASAJ(85) * Incomplete Data in Generalized Linear Models

ASAJ(86) * Structural Image Restoration through Deformable Templates

ASAJ(90) * Adapting to unknown smoothness via wavelets shrinkage

ASAJ(98) * Finding the number of clusters in a data set: An information theoretic approach

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