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AeroSys( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems

AeroSys(14) * Image Registration: Simlarity Measure and Processing Method Comparisons
* Range Resolution of Targets using Automatic Detection

AeroSys(19) * Radar CFAR Thresholding in Clutter and Multiple Target Situations

AeroSys(2) * Bit-Plane Encoding: A Technique for Source Encoding
* Compendium of Redundancy Removal Processes

AeroSys(22) * Automatic Target Recognition: State of the Art Survey

AeroSys(25) * Finding the Best Set of K Paths through a Trellis with Application to Multitarget Tracking
* Tracking a Maneuvering Target Using Input Estimation Versus the Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm
* Use of Measurements from an Imaging Sensor for Precision Target Tracking

AeroSys(26) * Efficient Algorithms for Finding the K Best Paths through a Trellis
* Recursive 3-D Motion Estimation from a Monocular Image Sequence

AeroSys(29) * Fast Method for Finding the Exact N-Best Hypotheses for Multitarget Tracking, A
* Method for Determineing Filter Spacing in Assumed Velocity Filter Banks, A
* Precision Tracking with Segmentation for Imaging Sensors

AeroSys(30) * Synergism of Binocular and Motion Stereo for Passive Ranging

AeroSys(31) * Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Genetic And Hybrid Search Methods
* Filtering of Moving Targets Using SBIR Sequential Frames
* Spatiotemporal Pattern-Recognition Using Hidden Markov-Models

AeroSys(32) * Adaptive Detection Threshold Optimization for Tracking in Clutter
* Adaptive Fusion by Reinforcement Learning for Distributed Detection Systems
* Automatic Recognition of ISAR Ship Images
* Filtering of Moving Targets Using SBIR Sequential Frames
* Low Observable Target Motion Analysis Using Amplitude Information
* Motion Estimation for Moving Target Detection
* Multisensor Tracking System with an Image-Based Maneuver Detector, A
* Observability in Passive Target Motion Analysis
* On Finding Ranked Assignments with Application to Multi-Target Tracking and Motion Correspondence
* Passive Target Tracking Using Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation
* Properties and Performance of Extended Target Motion Analysis
* Sequence Comparison Techniques for Multisensor Data Fusion and Target Recognition
* System for Obstacle Detection During Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight, A
* Target Motion Analysis with Multiple Arrays: Performance Analysis
* Tracking Maneuvering Targets with Multiple Sensors: Does More Data Always Mean Better Estimates?
* Using Range Profiles for Data Association in Multiple-Target Tracking
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AeroSys(33) * Automatic Stereo Processing of High-Resolution Radar Imagery
* Efficient ATR Using Compression
* Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An
* Formulation of Multitarget Tracking as an Incomplete Data Problem, A
* Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets, A
* Multiresolution Approach to Discrimination in SAR Imagery, A
* New RCS Statistical-Model of Radar Targets, A
* Radar Probability of Detection for Some Additional Fluctuating Target Cases
* Rocket Plume Image Sequence Enhancement Using 3D Operators
* Target Fluctuation Models for Radar System-Design and Performance Analysis: An Overview of 3 Papers
* Target Model Pitfalls (Illness, Diagnosis, and Prescription)
* Tracking Algorithm for Infrared Images Based on Reduced Sufficient Statistics, A
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AeroSys(34) * 2-D Wavelet Image Transforms Extended to 3-D With Applications
* Comments on Passive Target Tracking Using Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation
* Comments on A Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets
* Comments on A Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets: Reply
* Comments on Properties and Performance of Extended Target Motion Analysis
* Detection Probability Using Relative Clutter in Infrared Images
* Interacting Multiple Model Methods in Target Tracking: A Survey
* Maximum Likelihood Detection of Unresolved Moving Targets
* Properties and Performance of Extended Target Motion Analysis
* Target Prescreening Based on a Quadratic Gamma-Discriminator
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AeroSysMag( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine

AeroSysMag(11) * ERIM Interferometric SAR: IFSARE, The

AeroSysMag(12) * Target Detection and Tracking with HF Radar Using Reciprocal SAR Techniques

AeroSysMag(13) * Method for Searching Bridge in IR Images
* Radar Target Recognition by Fuzzy-Logic

AeroSysMag(6) * Model-Based Vision for Automatic Alarm Detection

AeroSysMag(8) * Image Understanding Research for Automatic Target Recognition

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