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3DWS89 * *Workshop in Interpretation of 3D Scenes
* 3-D Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Intensity Images
* 3D Visual Information from Vanishing Points
* Accurate Surface Description for Binocular Stereo
* Acquisition and Interpretation of 3-D Sensor Data from Touch
* Analysis of Stereo Disparity for the Recovery of Three-Dimensional Scene Geometry, An
* Computing Exact Aspect Graphs of Curved Objects: Solids of Revolution
* Computing the Orthographic Projection Aspect Graph of Solids of Revolution
* Darboux Frames, Snakes, and Super-Quadrics: Geometry from the Bottom Up
* Generating Aspect Graphs for Curved Objects
* Generic Object Recognition: Building Coarse 3D Descriptions from Line Drawings
* Integrating Multiresolution Image Acquisition and Coarse-to-Fine Surface Reconstruction from Stereo
* Interpretation of 3D Structure and Motion Using Structured Lighting
* Invariant Reconstruction of Visual Surfaces
* Kinematic and 3D Motion Prediction for Gaze Control
* Navigation Using Image Sequence Analysis and 3-D Terrain Matching
* Object Recognition and Localization Using Optical Proximity Sensor System: Polyhedral Case
* On Recognizing and Positioning Curved 3-D Objects from Image Contours
* Quantitative and Qualitative Measures for the Evaluation of the Superquadric Models
* Range Imaging Sensors Development at NRC Laboratories
* Relational Pyramid Approach to View Class Determination, A
* Robust Estimation of Camera Location and Orientation from Noisy Data Having Outliers
* Scene Description Using Range Data
* Towards Dynamic Vision
* Using Occluding Contours for Recovering Shape Properties of Objects
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