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3D-Wild18 * *3D Reconstruction in the Wild
* Combination of Spatially-Modulated ToF and Structured Light for MPI-Free Depth Estimation
* Deep Depth from Defocus: How Can Defocus Blur Improve 3D Estimation Using Dense Neural Networks?
* Deep Modular Network Architecture for Depth Estimation from Single Indoor Images
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Monocular Depth Prediction
* Improving Thin Structures in Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Point Cloud
* Paired 3D Model Generation with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Polygonal Reconstruction of Building Interiors from Cluttered Pointclouds
* Predicting Muscle Activity and Joint Angle from Skin Shape
* RGB-D SLAM Based Incremental Cuboid Modeling
* Robust 3D Pig Measurement in Pig Farm
* Robust Structured Light System Against Subsurface Scattering Effects Achieved by CNN-Based Pattern Detection and Decoding Algorithm
* SConE: Siamese Constellation Embedding Descriptor for Image Matching
* Semi-independent Stereo Visual Odometry for Different Field of View Cameras
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3D-Wild19 * *3D Reconstruction in the Wild
* 3D Shape Reconstruction of Plant Roots in a Cylindrical Tank From Multiview Images
* 3D Texturing From Multi-Date Satellite Images
* CNN-Based Cost Volume Analysis as Confidence Measure for Dense Matching
* Counterfactual Depth from a Single RGB Image
* Direct Least-Squares Solution to Multi-View Absolute and Relative Pose from 2D-3D Perspective Line Pairs, A
* FullFusion: A Framework for Semantic Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes
* HumanMeshNet: Polygonal Mesh Recovery of Humans
* Landmark-Guided Deformation Transfer of Template Facial Expressions for Automatic Generation of Avatar Blendshapes
* Learned Semantic Multi-Sensor Depth Map Fusion
* Learning Dense Wide Baseline Stereo Matching for People
* Leveraging Vision Reconstruction Pipelines for Satellite Imagery
* SharpNet: Fast and Accurate Recovery of Occluding Contours in Monocular Depth Estimation
* Silhouette-Assisted 3D Object Instance Reconstruction from a Cluttered Scene
* To Bundle Adjust or Not: A Comparison of Relative Geolocation Correction Strategies for Satellite Multi-View Stereo
* Towards Dense 3D Reconstruction for Mixed Reality in Healthcare: Classical Multi-View Stereo vs Deep Learning
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