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Zoroofi, R.A.[Reza Aghaeizadeh] Co Author Listing * Automated inspection of IC wafer contamination
* Automatic Facial Skin Segmentation Based on EM Algorithm under Varying Illumination
* Hybrid Segmentation Framework for Computer-Assisted Dental Procedures, A
* Integrated system for automatic detection of representative video frames in wireless capsule endoscopy using adaptive sliding window singular value decomposition
* MRI artifact cancellation due to rigid motion in the imaging plane
* Segmentation of Liver in Low-Contrast Images Using K-Means Clustering and Geodesic Active Contour Algorithms
* Single image ground plane estimation
* Thigh muscle segmentation using a hybrid FRFCM-based multi-atlas method and morphology-based interpolation algorithm
Includes: Zoroofi, R.A.[Reza Aghaeizadeh] Zoroofi, R.A.[Reza Aghaiezadeh] Zoroofi, R.A. Zoroofi, R.A.[Reza A.]
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Zoroofi, Reza.A. Co Author Listing * Open/Closed Eye Analysis for Drowsiness Detection

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