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Zelic, R.[Renata] Co Author Listing * AI Support for Accelerating Histopathological Slide Examinations of Prostate Cancer in Clinical Studies

Zelich, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Wave Peel Tracking: A New Approach for Assessing Surf Amenity and Analysis of Breaking Waves

Zelikman, D. Co Author Listing * Reducing Interferences in VANETs

Zelin, C. Co Author Listing * Letter-Level Writer Identification

Zelina, Z.I. Co Author Listing * Decision Support System in Oil Spill Management

Zelinka, J. Co Author Listing * Neural Sign Language Synthesis: Words Are Our Glosses

Zelinksy, G. Co Author Listing * Nonverbal Behavioral Patterns Predict Social Rejection Elicited Aggression

Zelinski, A.C. Co Author Listing * Sparsity-Enforced Slice-Selective MRI RF Excitation Pulse Design

Zelinski, M. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensor Design for Visual Recognition With Convolutional Neural Networks

Zelinsky, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Facial Pose and Gaze Point Estimation Using a Robust Real-Time Tracking Paradigm
* 3D vision sensing for improved pedestrian safety
* adaptive fusion architecture for target tracking, An
* Algorithm for Real-time Stereo Vision Implementation of Head Pose and Gaze Direction Measurement, An
* CeDAR: A real-world vision system: Mechanism, control and visual processing
* Facial image processing system
* Fast radial symmetry for detecting points of interest
* Fast Radial Symmetry Transform for Detecting Points of Interest, A
* MAP ZDF segmentation and tracking using active stereo vision: Hand tracking case study
* Real-time radial symmetry for speed sign detection
* Real-Time Speed Sign Detection Using the Radial Symmetry Detector
* Real-Time Stereo Face Tracking System for Visual Human Interfaces
* Real-Time Stereo Tracking for Head Pose and Gaze Estimation
* Real-time visual recognition of facial gestures for human-computer interaction
* Real-World Vision System: Mechanism, Control, and Vision Processing, A
* Robust Real-Time Face Tracking and Gesture Recognition
* Stereo panoramic vision for monitoring vehicle blind-spots
* Visual landmark learning
Includes: Zelinsky, A. Zelinsky, A.[Alexander] Zelinsky, A.[Alex]
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Zelinsky, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Target-absent Human Attention
* Deep-BCN: Deep Networks Meet Biased Competition to Create a Brain-Inspired Model of Attention Control
* Predicting Goal-Directed Human Attention Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Target-Absent Human Attention
Includes: Zelinsky, G.[Gregory] Zelinsky, G.

Zelinsky, G.J.[Gregory J.] Co Author Listing * Action classification in still images using human eye movements
* Co-localization with Category-Consistent Features and Geodesic Distance Propagation
* Efficient Video Segmentation Using Parametric Graph Partitioning
* Object Class Recognition Using Multiple Layer Boosting with Heterogeneous Features
* Real-time Accurate Object Detection using Multiple Resolutions
* Studying Relationships between Human Gaze, Description, and Computer Vision
Includes: Zelinsky, G.J.[Gregory J.] Zelinsky, G.J.

Zelioli, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * ABOships: An Inshore and Offshore Maritime Vessel Detection Dataset with Precise Annotations

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