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Zavidovique, B. Co Author Listing * Architectural design issues for bayesian contextual vision
* Automating GIS Image Retrieval Based on MCM
* Body color sets: A compact and reliable representation of images
* c-Velocity: A Flow-Cumulating Uncalibrated Approach for 3D Plane Detection
* Classification based on iterative object symmetry transform
* Color Topographic Map Based on the Dichromatic Reflectance Model, A
* Communication control in a pyramid computer: Application to region labeling
* Concurrent edge/region detection from a Peano scan
* Content based image retrieval using motif cooccurrence matrix
* Content based image retrieval using optimum peano scan
* context-dependent vision system for pedestrian detection, A
* Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images Restoration
* Cumulative level-line matching for image registration
* Deformation Detection with Frequency-Modulation
* Dichromatic level-lines
* Efficient cumulative matching for image registration
* Efficient plane detection from a single moving camera
* Face Expression Recognition through Broken Symmetries
* FCM with Spatial and Multiresolution Constraints for Image Segmentation
* Functional computer for low level image processing
* Functional Programming on a Data Flow Architecture: Applications In Real-Time Image Processing
* Hey Robot... Looking for Cones?
* Image Analysis On Massively Parallel Computers: An Architectural Point Of View
* iterative object symmetry transform, The
* Kernel Based Symmetry Measure
* Light Speed Labeling for RISC architectures
* Light speed labeling: efficient connected component labeling on RISC architectures
* Local Relational String for Textures Classification
* Marrying Level Lines for Stereo or Motion
* Median Binary Pattern for Textures Classification
* Modified FCM with Optimal Peano Scans for Image Segmentation, A
* Moving plane detection under translational camera motion using the c-velocity concept
* Multicamera object disambiguation using view angles in a plane
* note on the iterative object symmetry transform, A
* On the Importance of Being Contextual
* Pyramid symmetry transforms: From local to global symmetry
* Region Detection Based on an Homogeneous Set of Local Operators for Hardware Implementation
* Region-based CBIR in GIS with local space filling curves to spatial representation
* Rotationally Invariant Hashing of Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* S-Kernel and a Symmetry Measure Based on Correlation, The
* S-kernel: A measure of symmetry of objects, The
* Stable Marriages Algorithm to Optimize Satisfaction and Equity, A
* Yet another mesh array smart sensor?
* Z-trees: adaptive pyramid-algorithms for image segmentation
Includes: Zavidovique, B. Zavidovique, B.[Bertrand]
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Zavidovique, B.Y. Co Author Listing * About the adjective neural, when applied to smart sensors
* First steps of robotic perception: the turning point of the 1990s
* Generic functions for on-chip vision
* Programmable VLSI Retina for Rough Vision, A

Zavisek, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Breast Thermograms Based on Statistical Image Features and Hybrid Fuzzy Classification
* Thermography based breast cancer analysis using statistical features and fuzzy classification

Zavitsanakis, T. Co Author Listing * 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening

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