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Yahaghi, E.[Effat] Co Author Listing * exhaustive criterion for estimating quality of images in electrical impedance tomography with application to clinical imaging, An

Yahagi, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of 2-D Noncausal AR Parameters for Image-Restoration Using Genetic Algorithm
* Fast Block Matching Algorithm Based on Motion Vector Correlation and Integral Projections, A
* Noise Removal For Medical X-ray Images In Multiwavelet Domain
Includes: Yahagi, T. Yahagi, T.[Takashi]

Yahampath, P.[Pradeepa] Co Author Listing * Video coding for OFDM systems with imperfect CSI: A hybrid digital-analog approach

Yahav, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Imaging in the Studio
* Low Cost 3D Tracker for Parallax Barrier Display, A
Includes: Yahav, G. Yahav, G.[Giora]

Yahaya, A.[Anim] Co Author Listing * Epoch-Based Height Reference System for Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment on the Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Yahaya, C.H.C. Co Author Listing * Visualisation of exudates in fundus images using radar chart and color auto correlogram technique

Yahaya, N.A.Z. Co Author Listing * Gravimetric Geoid Modelling Over Peninsular Malaysia Using Two Different Gridding Approaches for Combining Free Air Anomaly
* Gravity Anomaly Assessment Using GGMS and Airborne Gravity Data Towards Bathymetry Estimation
* Marine Geoid Undulation Assessment over South China Sea Using Global Geopotential Models and Airborne Gravity Data
* Mean Sea Surface (MSS) Model Determination for Malaysian Seas Using Multi-Mission Satellite Altimeter

Yahaya, N.H.M.[Nor Hamdan Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Visualization of the Newly Designed Jig and Fixture for Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Yahaya, S.H.[Saifudin Hafiz] Co Author Listing * Spur Gear Design With an S-shaped Transition Curve Application Using MATHEMATICA and CAD Tools

Yahaya, S.W.[Salisu Wada] Co Author Listing * Towards a data-driven adaptive anomaly detection system for human activity

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