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Yagola, A.[Anatoly] Co Author Listing * Recovering the Near-Surface Magnetic Image of Mercury from Satellite Observations

Yagola, A.G.[Anatoly G.] Co Author Listing * Joint Gravity and Magnetic Inversion Using CNNs' Deep Learning

Yagotinceva, V.N.[V. Natalya] Co Author Listing * Visual Digital Forest Model Based on a Remote Sensing Data and Forest Inventory Data

Yagoub, B.[Bilel] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Light Field Image Super-Resolution: Dataset, Methods and Results

Yagoub, M.M.[Mohamed. M.] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Urban Quality of Life Indicators Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: The Case of Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
* Transformation of A Village: Case of Wad Al Abbas, Sennar State, Sudan
Includes: Yagoub, M.M.[Mohamed. M.] Yagoub, M.M.

Yagoubi, M.R.[Mohamed Riad] Co Author Listing * Joint enhancement-compression of handwritten document images through DjVu encoder
* new automatic framework for document image enhancement process based on anisotropic diffusion, A

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