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Work, D.B.[Daniel B.] Co Author Listing * Are Commercially Implemented Adaptive Cruise Control Systems String Stable?
* Fast Vehicle Turning-Movement Counting using Localization-based Tracking
* Gaussian Process-Based Personalized Adaptive Cruise Control
* GPS Signal Authentication From Cooperative Peers
* Inferring Traffic Signal Phases From Turning Movement Counters Using Hidden Markov Models
* Multiple Model Particle Filter for Traffic Estimation and Incident Detection
Includes: Work, D.B.[Daniel B.] Work, D.B.

Work, T.R.[Thomas R.] Co Author Listing * Image query system and method

Workman, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Unpaved Road Conditions Using High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

Workman, S. Co Author Listing * Analyzing human appearance as a cue for dating images
* Augmenting Depth Estimation with Geospatial Context
* Camera geo-calibration using an MCMC approach
* Cloud Motion as a Calibration Cue
* Cloudmaps from static ground-view video
* DEEPFOCAL: A method for direct focal length estimation
* Detecting Vanishing Points Using Global Image Context in a Non-ManhattanWorld
* Dynamic Traffic Modeling From Overhead Imagery
* Exploring the geo-dependence of human face appearance
* Extending Absolute Pose Regression to Multiple Scenes
* FACE2GPS: Estimating geographic location from facial features
* FARSA: Fully Automated Roadway Safety Assessment
* fast method for estimating transient scene attributes, A
* Handling Image and Label Resolution Mismatch in Remote Sensing
* Horizon Lines in the Wild
* Learning a Dynamic Map of Visual Appearance
* On the location dependence of convolutional neural network features
* Pot of Gold: Rainbows as a Calibration Cue, A
* Predicting Ground-Level Scene Layout from Aerial Imagery
* RasterNet: Modeling Free-Flow Speed using LiDAR and Overhead Imagery
* Revisiting Near/Remote Sensing with Geospatial Attention
* Scene shape estimation from multiple partly cloudy days
* Sky segmentation in the wild: An empirical study
* Structure-Aware Method for Direct Pose Estimation, A
* Understanding and Mapping Natural Beauty
* Unified Model for Near and Remote Sensing, A
* Wide-Area Image Geolocalization with Aerial Reference Imagery
Includes: Workman, S. Workman, S.[Scott]
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Worku, M.Y.[Muhammed Y.] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Progress Monitoring of SDGs towards Achieving Saudi Vision 2030

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