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Vezhnevets, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Active learning for semantic segmentation with expected change
* active search strategy for efficient object class detection, An
* Agnostic Domain Adaptation
* Associative Embeddings for Large-Scale Knowledge Transfer with Self-Assessment
* Context Forest for Object Class Detection
* Joint calibration of Ensemble of Exemplar SVMs
* Object localization in ImageNet by looking out of the window
* Towards weakly supervised semantic segmentation by means of multiple instance and multitask learning
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation with a multi-image model
* Weakly supervised structured output learning for semantic segmentation
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Vezhnevets, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Image-Based 3D Face Modeling System
* Image-based photorealistic 3-D face modeling
* Interactive Image-Based Urban Modelling
Includes: Vezhnevets, V.[Vladimir] Vezhnevets, V.

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