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Vang, Y.S.[Yeeleng S.] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Framework for Multi-class Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification

Vangala, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Action Unit classification using a binned intensity loss and semantic context model

Vangara, K.[Kushal] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Gender Inequality In Face Recognition Accuracy
* Does Face Recognition Accuracy Get Better With Age? Deep Face Matchers Say No
Includes: Vangara, K.[Kushal] Vangara, K.

Vangel, M.G. Co Author Listing * Application of Tolerance Limits to the Characterization of Image Registration Performance

Vangelatos, C. Co Author Listing * Empirical Study of Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Vangelista, L. Co Author Listing * Frequency Shift Chirp Modulation: The LoRa Modulation

Vangenderen, J.L. Co Author Listing * SAR Interferometry: Issues, Techniques, Applications

Vangi, E.[Elia] Co Author Listing * Effect of Forest Mask Quality in the Wall-to-Wall Estimation of Growing Stock Volume, The

Vangorp, P. Co Author Listing * Objective and subjective evaluation of High Dynamic Range video compression

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