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Umer, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * ETCNN: Extra Tree and Convolutional Neural Network-based Ensemble Model for COVID-19 Tweets Sentiment Classification
* Face mask detection using deep convolutional neural network and multi-stage image processing
* Mapping Cropland Extent in Pakistan Using Machine Learning Algorithms on Google Earth Engine Cloud Computing Framework
* Opportunistic sampling-based query processing in wireless sensor networks
* Scientific papers citation analysis using textual features and SMOTE resampling techniques
* Spatial interpolation in wireless sensor networks: Localized algorithms for variogram modeling and Kriging

Umer, R.M.[R. Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Deep Generative Adversarial Residual Convolutional Networks for Real-World Super-Resolution
* Deep Iterative Residual Convolutional Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Umer, R.M.[R. Muhammad] Umer, R.M.[Rao M.] Umer, R.M.[Rao Muhammad]

Umer, S.[Saiyed] Co Author Listing * Face recognition system with hybrid template protection scheme for Cyber-Physical-Social Services
* fast iris localization using inversion transform and restricted circular Hough transform, A
* Iris recognition using multiscale morphologic features
* NIR and VW iris image recognition using ensemble of patch statistics features
Includes: Umer, S.[Saiyed] Umer, S.

Umer, T.[Tariq] Co Author Listing * Toward Offloading Internet of Vehicles Applications in 5G Networks

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