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Turcajova, R.[Radka] Co Author Listing * Adaptive wavelets for signal analysis
Includes: Turcajova, R.[Radka] Turcajová, R.[Radka]

Turcan, I. Co Author Listing * Automatic indexing and reformulation of ancient dictionaries

Turcanu, C.O.[Catrinel Octavia] Co Author Listing * genetic approach to limited data tomographic reconstruction of time-resolved energy spectrum of short-pulsed neutron sources, A
Includes: Turcanu, C.O.[Catrinel Octavia] Turcanu, C.O.[Catrinel-Octavia]

Turchet, L. Co Author Listing * Co-Design of Musical Haptic Wearables for Electronic Music Performer's Communication
* Effects of Interactive Sonification on Emotionally Expressive Walking Styles
* Emotion Rendering in Auditory Simulations of Imagined Walking Styles
* Emotion Rendering in Plantar Vibro-Tactile Simulations of Imagined Walking Styles
* Evaluating Cybersickness of Walking on an Omnidirectional Treadmill in Virtual Reality
Includes: Turchet, L. Turchet, L.[Luca]

Turchetta, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Turchi, A.[Agnese] Co Author Listing * Environmental Aftermath of the 2019 Stromboli Eruption

Turchi, D. Co Author Listing * Behavior Monitoring Using Learning Techniques and Regular-Expressions-Based Pattern Matching

Turchi, M. Co Author Listing * SentiWords: Deriving a High Precision and High Coverage Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis

Turchin, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Proximal Imaging of Changes in Photochemical Reflectance Index in Leaves Based on Using Pulses of Green-Yellow Light

Turchini, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Class-incremental Learning with Pre-allocated Fixed Classifiers
* Convex Polytope Ensembles for Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection
* Fisher Vectors over Random Density Forests for Object Recognition
* Open Set Recognition for Unique Person Counting via Virtual Gates
* Soft Pseudo-labeling Semi-supervised Learning Applied to Fine-grained Visual Classification
* Understanding and localizing activities from correspondences of clustered trajectories
* Understanding Sport Activities from Correspondences of Clustered Trajectories
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Turchiuli, C.[Christelle] Co Author Listing * Volume Estimation of Small Particles Using Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from Multiple Views

Turci, M. Co Author Listing * Volcanic Environments Monitoring by Drones Mud Volcano Case Study

Turcinovic, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach for Object Classification on Raw and Reconstructed GBSAR Data

Turck, F.D. Co Author Listing * Embedded Real-Time Object Detection for a UAV Warning System

Turco, F. Co Author Listing * Image retrieval by color regions
* PICASSO: Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions
* Visual Querying by Color Perceptive Regions

Turco, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Current Activity of the Long Point Fault in Houston, Texas Constrained by Continuous GPS Measurements (2013-2018)

Turco, M.L.[Massimiliano Lo] Co Author Listing * From Integrated Survey to the Parametric Modeling of Degradations. A Feasible Workflow

Turco, R.[Rosario] Co Author Listing * Population Trends and Urbanization: Simulating Density Effects Using a Local Regression Approach

Turconi, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Terraced Landscapes as NBSs for Geo-Hydrological Hazard Mitigation: Towards a Methodology for Debris and Soil Volume Estimations through a LiDAR Survey

Turcot, J.[Jay] Co Author Listing * AFFDEX 2.0: A Real-Time Facial Expression Analysis Toolkit
* Automatic Detection of Sentimentality from Facial Expressions
* Driver Glance Classification In-the-wild: Towards Generalization Across Domains and Subjects
* Smile or smirk? Automatic detection of spontaneous asymmetric smiles to understand viewer experience
* Supervised learning approach to remote heart rate estimation from facial videos
* Universal Face Encoder: Learning Disentangled Representations Across Different Attributes, The
Includes: Turcot, J.[Jay] Turcot, J.

Turcot, P.[Panu] Co Author Listing * Better matching with fewer features: The selection of useful features in large database recognition problems

Turcotte, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Fast Exact Area Image Upsampling with Natural Biquadratic Histosplines

Turcu, F. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Sparsity Degree for Sparse Recovery with Deterministic Measurement Matrices, An
* Fast 2-D AR Parameter Estimation Algorithm Based on Functional Schur Coefficients, A
* Identifying an autoregressive process disturbed by a moving-average noise using inner-outer factorization
* Optimal Dual Certificates for Noise Robustness Bounds in Compressive Sensing
Includes: Turcu, F. Turcu, F.[Flavius]

Turcu, V.[Vlad] Co Author Listing * SST Anywhere: A Portable Solution for Wide Field Low Earth Orbit Surveillance

Turcza, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Displacement Calculation of Heart Walls in ECG Sequences Using Level Set Segmentation and B-Spline Free Form Deformations
* Energy-efficient image compression algorithm for high-frame rate multi-view wireless capsule endoscopy
* Entropy encoder for low-power low-resources high-quality CFA image compression

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