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Tuerhanjiang, L.[Latipa] Co Author Listing * Cross-Comparison of Global Surface Albedo Operational Products-MODIS, GLASS, and CGLS
* Improved Landscape Expansion Index and Its Application to Urban Growth in Urumqi

Tuermer, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Automatic vehicle detection in aerial image sequences of urban areas using 3D HoG features
* Evaluation of selected features for car detection in aerial images
* General Mathematical Model of Least Squares 3D Surface Matching and Its Application of Strip Adjustment
* Validation of Vehicle Candidate Areas in Aerial Images Using Color Co-Occurrence Histograms
Includes: Tuermer, S.[Sebastian] Tuermer, S.

Tuero, A.G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Driving Patterns and On-Board Feedback-Based Training for Proactive Road Safety Monitoring
* Analytic System to Evaluate Efficient Driving Programs in Professional Fleets
* Impact of on-board tutoring systems to improve driving efficiency of non-professional drivers
Includes: Tuero, A.G. Tuero, A.G.[Alejandro García]

Tuerxun, P.[Palidan] Co Author Listing * Feature Fusion Super Resolution Network with Gradient Guidance

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