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Trung, D.T.[Dang Thanh] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution patch and window-based priority for digital image inpainting problem
* Perceptual quality assessment for color image inpainting

Trung, H.T.[Huynh Thanh] Co Author Listing * ODAR: A Lightweight Object Detection Framework for Autonomous Driving Robots

Trung, L.V.[Le Van] Co Author Listing * Mapping Ground Subsidence Phenomena in Ho Chi Minh City through the Radar Interferometry Technique Using ALOS PALSAR Data

Trung, N.T.[Nguyen Tu] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Contrast of Dark Satellite Images Based on Fuzzy Semi-Supervised Clustering and an Enhancement Operator
* Phase Registration of a Single Quasi-Periodic Signal Using Self Dynamic Time Warping
Includes: Trung, N.T.[Nguyen Tu] Trung, N.T.[Ngo Thanh]

Trung, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Non-reference image quality assessment and natural scene statistics to counter biometric sensor spoofing
* Non-reference Image Quality Assessment for Fingervein Presentation Attack Detection

Trung, P.N.[Pham Nam] Co Author Listing * robust method for the Vietnamese handwritten and speech recognition, A
* system for recognizing Vietnamese document images based on HMM and linguistics, A

Trung, T.H.[Ta Hoang] Co Author Listing * JAXA High-Resolution Land Use/Land Cover Map for Central Vietnam in 2007 and 2017

Trung, T.Q.[Tran Quang] Co Author Listing * NeoUNet: Towards Accurate Colon Polyp Segmentation and Neoplasm Detection

Trunk, G.V. Co Author Listing * Problem of Dimensionality: A Simple Example, A
* Range Resolution of Targets using Automatic Detection

Trunov, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Online aggregation of probability forecasts with confidence

Trunz, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Efficient multi-constrained optimization for example-based synthesis
* Inverse Procedural Modeling of Knitwear

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