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Tissainayagam, P.[Prithiraj] Co Author Listing * Assessing the performance of corner detectors for point feature tracking applications
* Contour tracking with automatic motion model switching
* Empirical Evaluation on the Performance of Contour Trackers
* Object tracking in image sequences using point features
* Performance Measures For Assessing Contour Trackers
* Performance Prediction Analysis of a Point Feature Tracker Based on Different Motion Models
* Visual Feature Tracking with Automatic Motion Model Switching
* Visual Tracking and Motion Determination Using the IMM Algorithm
* Visual Tracking of Multiple Objects with Automatic Motion Model Switching
* Visual Tracking with Automatic Motion Model Switching
Includes: Tissainayagam, P.[Prithiraj] Tissainayagam, P.
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Tisse, C.L. Co Author Listing * Camera calibration for miniature, low-cost, wide-angle imaging systems
* Effective Strip Noise Removal for Low-Textured Infrared Images Based on 1-D Guided Filtering
* optical navigation sensor for micro aerial vehicles, An
Includes: Tisse, C.L. Tisse, C.L.[Christel-Loic]

Tisseau, J. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Using a Multiagent System
* Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths by a Graph Construction
* immune oriented multi-agent system for biological image processing, An
* Locally Deformable B-Bubble Model: An Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths, The
* Recognition of Gesture Sequences in Real-Time Flow, Context of Virtual Theater
Includes: Tisseau, J. Tisseau, J.[Jacques]

Tissera, D.[Dumindu] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Automatic Occlusion Removal
* Feature-Dependent Cross-Connections in Multi-Path Neural Networks

Tisserand, E. Co Author Listing * Parallel Architecture Dedicated to Connected Component Analysis

Tisseyre, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Potential of Multiway PLS (N-PLS) Regression Method to Analyse Time-Series of Multispectral Images: A Case Study in Agriculture

Tissier, A. Co Author Listing * CNN Oriented Complexity Reduction Of VVC Intra Encoder
* Machine Learning Based Efficient Qt-Mtt Partitioning for VVC Inter Coding
* Machine Learning Based Efficient QT-MTT Partitioning Scheme for VVC Intra Encoders
Includes: Tissier, A. Tissier, A.[Alexandre]

Tissir, E.H. Co Author Listing * Controller design for delta operator time-delay systems subject to actuator saturation
* Robust stability analysis and H-inf controller design of teleoperation system with time varying communication delay

Tissot, A. Co Author Listing * Design and Optimization of a Parallel Architecture Dedicated to Image Matching
* Design and Realisation of a Parallel Systolic Architecture Dedicated to Aerial Image Matching
* Parallel Algorithm for a Very Fast 2D Velocity Field Estimation, A

Tissot, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Forecasting GRACE Data over the African Watersheds Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Review and Evaluation of Deep Learning Architectures for Efficient Land Cover Mapping with UAS Hyper-Spatial Imagery: A Case Study Over a Wetland
* Unsupervised Clustering Method for Complexity Reduction of Terrestrial Lidar Data in Marshes
* Unsupervised Clustering of Multi-Perspective 3D Point Cloud Data in Marshes: A Case Study

Tissot, P.E.[Philippe E.] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Method to Delineate the Wet/Dry Shoreline and Compute Its Elevation Using High-Resolution UAS Imagery, A
* Ensemble Neural Networks for Modeling DEM Error

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