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Thiagalingam, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Rotational X-Ray Images for Anatomic Intra-Procedural Surface Generation in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedures

Thiagarajah, S. Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Proximal Femur Using Random Forest Regression Voting

Thiagarajan, J.J. Co Author Listing * Auto-context modeling using multiple Kernel learning
* Automatic image annotation using inverse maps from semantic embeddings
* Contrastive Knowledge-Augmented Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Classification
* Cross-GAN Auditing: Unsupervised Identification of Attribute Level Similarities and Differences Between Pretrained Generative Models
* DOLCE: A Model-Based Probabilistic Diffusion Framework for Limited-Angle CT Reconstruction
* Exploring Inlier and Outlier Specification for Improved Medical OOD Detection
* Fast image registration with non-stationary Gauss-Markov random field templates
* Image segmentation using consensus from hierarchical segmentation ensembles
* Improved sparse coding using manifold projections
* Improving Diversity with Adversarially Learned Transformations for Domain Generalization
* InterAug: A Tuning-Free Augmentation Policy for Data-Efficient and Robust Object Detection
* Learning Robust Representations for Computer Vision
* Lose the Views: Limited Angle CT Reconstruction via Implicit Sinogram Completion
* MimicGAN: Robust Projection onto Image Manifolds with Corruption Mimicking
* Multiple Kernel Sparse Representations for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
* Optimality and stability of the K-hyperline clustering algorithm
* Poisson Disk Sampling on the Grassmannnian: Applications in Subspace Optimization
* Randomized Ensemble Approach to Industrial CT Segmentation, A
* Supervised local sparse coding of sub-image features for image retrieval
* Universal Collaboration Strategies for Signal Detection: A Sparse Learning Approach
Includes: Thiagarajan, J.J. Thiagarajan, J.J.[Jayaraman J.]
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Thiagarajan, K.[Kowsalya] Co Author Listing * Satellite Image Classification Using a Hierarchical Ensemble Learning and Correlation Coefficient-Based Gravitational Search Algorithm

Thiagarajan, M.[MeeraDevi] Co Author Listing * Detection of lung tumor using dual tree complex wavelet transform and co-active adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system classification approach

Thiagarajan, P.[Ponkrshnan] Co Author Listing * Explanation and Use of Uncertainty Quantified by Bayesian Neural Network Classifiers for Breast Histopathology Images

Thiagarajan, R. Co Author Listing * Multi party secure data access management in cloud using user centric block chain data encryption

Thiagarajan, S.[Shiva] Co Author Listing * Efficient CNN-Based Super Resolution Algorithms for MMwave Mobile Radar Imaging

Thiam, P. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal data fusion for pain intensity assessment and classification
* Multi-Modal Pain Intensity Recognition Based on the SenseEmotion Database
* Pain recognition with camera photoplethysmography
* Using Meta Labels for the Training of Weighting Models in a Sample-Specific Late Fusion Classification Architecture
Includes: Thiam, P. Thiam, P.[Patrick]

Thian, H.[Hoon] Co Author Listing * Spectral Subband Centroids as Complementary Features for Speaker Authentication

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