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Tezcan, J.[Jale] Co Author Listing * Confidence and prediction intervals for semiparametric mixed-effect least squares support vector machine

Tezcan, K.C. Co Author Listing * MR Image Reconstruction Using Deep Density Priors
* Sampling Possible Reconstructions of Undersampled Acquisitions in MR Imaging With a Deep Learned Prior
* Visual Feature Attribution Using Wasserstein GANs
Includes: Tezcan, K.C. Tezcan, K.C.[Kerem C.]

Tezcan, M.O. Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Hoarding Clutter from Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* BSUV-Net: A Fully-Convolutional Neural Network for Background Subtraction of Unseen Videos
* RAPiD: Rotation-Aware People Detection in Overhead Fisheye Images
* WEPDTOF: A Dataset and Benchmark Algorithms for In-the-Wild People Detection and Tracking from Overhead Fisheye Cameras
Includes: Tezcan, M.O. Tezcan, M.O.[M. Ozan]

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