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Teklap, A.M.[A. Murat] Co Author Listing * Real-time Video over the Internet

Tekler, Z.D.[Zeynep Duygu] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Point of Interest (POI) Conflation Framework, An

Tekli, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Comparing deep learning models for low-light natural scene image enhancement and their impact on object detection and classification: Overview, empirical evaluation, and challenges
* Depthwise Separable Convolutions and Variational Dropout within the context of YOLOv3
* Low-Light Homomorphic Filtering Network for integrating image enhancement and classification
* Low-Light Image Enhancement Using Image-to-Frequency Filter Learning

Teklu, M.B.[Merhawit Berhane] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Performance Optimization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Channels in Urban Emergency Management

Teklu, M.G.[Misghina Goitom] Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Detection and Prediction of Damage Caused by Potato Cyst Nematode G. pallida on Selected Potato Cultivars

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