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Svalbe, I. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the Decomposition of Gray-Scale Morphological Operations
* Basis decomposition of morphological operations
* Comparison of Some Methods for Direct 2D Reconstruction from Discrete Projected Views, A
* Construction of Perfect Auto-correlation Arrays and Zero Cross-correlation Arrays from Discrete Projections
* Design of Morphological Filters Using Multiple Structuring Elements, Part I: Openings and Closings, The
* Design of Morphological Filters Using Multiple Structuring Elements, Part II: Open (Close) and Close (Open), The
* Direct inversion of Mojette projections
* Discrete Angle Watermark Encoding and Recovery
* Exact image representation via a number-theoretic radon transform
* Exact, Non-iterative Mojette Inversion Technique Utilising Ghosts, An
* Exact, Scaled Image Rotation Using the Finite Radon Transform
* Exact, scaled image rotations in finite Radon transform space
* Fast Number Theoretic Finite Radon Transform, A
* Finite Radial Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Theoretical Study
* Generalised finite radon transform for NxN images
* Growth of Discrete Projection Ghosts Created by Iteration
* Image Labeling Mechanism Using Digital Radon Projections, An
* Large Families of Grey Arrays with Perfect Auto-correlation and Optimal Cross-Correlation
* Maximal N-Ghosts and Minimal Information Recovery from N Projected Views of an Array
* method for removing cyclic artefacts in discrete tomography using latin squares, A
* Morphological filtering as template matching
* Near Perfect Correlation Functions Based on Zero-Sum Projections
* Nonlinear Interpolation in the Fourier Domain Guided by Morphologic Filters
* On Constructing Minimal Ghosts
* On Correcting the Unevenness of Angle Distributions Arising from Integer Ratios Lying in Restricted Portions of the Farey Plane
* Properties of Minimal Ghosts
* Segmenting Multispectral Landsat TM Images into Field Units
* Spatial domain morphological filtering for interpolation of the Fourier domain
* Symmetric Counterparts of Classical 1D Haar Filters for Improved Image Reconstruction via Discrete Back-Projection
* Symmetric Masks for In-fill Pixel Interpolation on Discrete p:q Lattices
* Tomographic Reconstruction Using Global Statistical Priors
Includes: Svalbe, I. Svalbe, I.[Imants]
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Svalbe, I.D.[Imants D.] Co Author Listing * Back-Projection Filtration Inversion of Discrete Projections
* Chaotic Sensing
* Fourier Inversion of the Mojette Transform
* Geometry of Basis Sets for Morphologic Closing, The
* Localisation of Image Features Using Measures of Rank Distribution
* Natural Representations for Straight Lines and the Hough Transform on Discrete Arrays
* Recovering Missing Slices of the Discrete Fourier Transform Using Ghosts
* Robust Digital Image Reconstruction via the Discrete Fourier Slice Theorem
Includes: Svalbe, I.D.[Imants D.] Svalbe, I.D.
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