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Sunkara, A.[Adhira] Co Author Listing * Can We Trust the Transgenic Mouse? Insights from Computer Simulations

Sunkara, R.[Raja] Co Author Listing * YOGA: Deep object detection in the wild with lightweight feature learning and multiscale attention

Sunkara, S.L.[Sri Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Modeling with Respect to Impact of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change on the Runoff Dynamics in Godavari River Basin Using the HEC-HMS Model

Sunkaria, R.K.[Ramesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * Inferior myocardial infarction detection using stationary wavelet transform and machine learning approach
* novel local octa-pattern feature descriptor for image retrieval, A
* Two-channel perfect reconstruction (PR) quadrature mirror filter (QMF) bank design using logarithmic window function and spline function
Includes: Sunkaria, R.K.[Ramesh Kumar] Sunkaria, R.K.[Ramesh K.]

Sunkavalli, K.[Kalyan] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Deep Outdoor Lighting Estimation
* Automatic Content-Aware Color and Tone Stylization
* Basis Prediction Networks for Effective Burst Denoising With Large Kernels
* Compositing-Aware Image Search
* Deep 3D Capture: Geometry and Reflectance From Sparse Multi-View Images
* Deep CG2Real: Synthetic-to-Real Translation via Image Disentanglement
* Deep Denoising of Flash and No-Flash Pairs for Photography in Low-Light Environments
* Deep Image Harmonization
* Deep Multi Depth Panoramas for View Synthesis
* Deep Outdoor Illumination Estimation
* Deep Parametric Indoor Lighting Estimation
* Deep Reflectance Volumes: Relightable Reconstructions from Multi-view Photometric Images
* Deep Single-Image Portrait Relighting
* Fast Spatially-Varying Indoor Lighting Estimation
* Fast Video Object Segmentation by Reference-Guided Mask Propagation
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Section on Computational Photography
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Computational Photography
* Illuminant Spectra-Based Source Separation Using Flash Photography
* Image restoration using online photo collections
* Inverse Rendering for Complex Indoor Scenes: Shape, Spatially-Varying Lighting and SVBRDF From a Single Image
* Learning Monocular Face Reconstruction using Multi-View Supervision
* Learning to Separate Multiple Illuminants in a Single Image
* Material Swapping for 3D Scenes using a Learnt Material Similarity Measure
* Materials for Masses: SVBRDF Acquisition with a Single Mobile Phone Image
* MT-VAE: Learning Motion Transformations to Generate Multimodal Human Dynamics
* NeRFusion: Fusing Radiance Fields for Large-Scale Scene Reconstruction
* Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling
* NeuTex: Neural Texture Mapping for Volumetric Neural Rendering
* OpenRooms: An Open Framework for Photorealistic Indoor Scene Datasets
* PaletteNeRF: Palette-based Appearance Editing of Neural Radiance Fields
* PatchMatch-Based Automatic Lattice Detection for Near-Regular Textures
* Perceptual Measure for Deep Single Image Camera and Lens Calibration, A
* Perceptual Measure for Deep Single Image Camera Calibration, A
* PhotoScene: Photorealistic Material and Lighting Transfer for Indoor Scenes
* Physically-Based Editing of Indoor Scene Lighting from a Single Image
* Point-NeRF: Point-based Neural Radiance Fields
* Reflectance Capture Using Univariate Sampling of BRDFs
* Removing Shadows from Images of Documents
* RigNeRF: Fully Controllable Neural 3D Portraits
* Scene Parsing with Global Context Embedding
* Self-Supervised Multi-View Person Association and its Applications
* Shading-Aware Multi-view Stereo
* Single View Metrology in the Wild
* Single-Image RGB Photometric Stereo with Spatially-Varying Albedo
* SSH: A Self-Supervised Framework for Image Harmonization
* Temporally Consistent Relighting for Portrait Videos
* Visibility Subspaces: Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo with Shadows
* What do color changes reveal about an outdoor scene?
Includes: Sunkavalli, K.[Kalyan] Sunkavalli, K.
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Sunkel, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Rendering and Simulation of Liquid Foams
* Silhouette Based Generic Model Adaptation for Marker-Less Motion Capturing

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