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Stemberger, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Thermal Imaging as a Way to Classify Cognitive Workload

Stemberk, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Factors Affecting the Number of Visitors in National Parks in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria

Stemmer, A.[Alto] Co Author Listing * usefulness of diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI and fast spin echo with BLADE (PROPELLER) k-space sampling: A comparison with single-shot EPI for diffusion-weighted imaging in ischemic stroke patients, The

Stemmer, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Improving Children's Speech Recognition by HMM Interpolation with an Adults' Speech Recognizer
* MOBSY: Integration of Vision and Dialogue in Service Robots

Stemmer, M.R. Co Author Listing * 3d Photogrammetric Inspection of Risers Using RPAs and Deep Learning In Oil and Gas Offshore Platforms
* new robust algorithmic for multi-camera calibration with a 1D object under general motions without prior knowledge of any camera intrinsic parameter, A
* Novel Deep Learning Based Method for Detection and Counting Of Vehicles In Urban Traffic Surveillance Systems, A
* Novel Method for Inspection Defects in Commercial Eggs Using Computer Vision, A
* Revisiting Zhang's 1D calibration algorithm
* Support vector candidates selection via Delaunay graph and convex-hull for large and high-dimensional datasets
Includes: Stemmer, M.R. Stemmer, M.R.[Marcelo Ricardo] Stemmer, M.R.[Marcelo R.]

Stemmer, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Visual Attention Models for Robots

Stemmler, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * UAV Photogrammetry of Forests as a Vulnerable Process. A Sensitivity Analysis for a Structure from Motion RGB-Image Pipeline

Stempel, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Visualizations Out of Context: Addressing Pitfalls of Real-Time Realistic Hazard Visualizations

Stempfhuber, W. Co Author Listing * 3D-RTK Capability of Single GNSS Receivers

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