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Spalanzani, A. Co Author Listing * Leader selection and following in dynamic environments
* Visibility-Based Approach for Occupancy Grid Computation in Disparity Space, A

Spalazzi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Automatic Emotion Recognition in Clinical Scenario: A Systematic Review of Methods

Spalding, E.P.[Edgar P.] Co Author Listing * high throughput robot system for machine vision based plant phenotype studies, A

Spalding, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Global Mangrove Extent Change 1996-2020: Global Mangrove Watch Version 3.0

Spalding, M.D.[Mark D.] Co Author Listing * coastTrain: A Global Reference Library for Coastal Ecosystems

Spalevic, V.[Velibor] Co Author Listing * Geodetic and UAV Monitoring in the Sustainable Management of Shallow Landslides and Erosion of a Susceptible Urban Environment
* Multi-Instrumental Approach to Slope Failure Monitoring in a Landslide Susceptible Newly Built-Up Area: Topo-Geodetic Survey, UAV 3D Modelling and Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Utilizing the Available Open-Source Remotely Sensed Data in Assessing the Wildfire Ignition and Spread Capacities of Vegetated Surfaces in Romania

Spallanzani, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Training Quantised Neural Networks with STE Variants: The Additive Noise Annealing Algorithm

Spallino, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * Interactive and Immersive Digital Representation for Virtual Museum: VR and AR for Semantic Enrichment of Museo Nazionale Romano, Antiquarium di Lucrezia Romana and Antiquarium di Villa Dei Quintili

Spallone, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling Between Ideation, Geometry, and Surveyed Architecture: The Case of The Vaulted System of appartamento Di Mezzanotte in Palazzo Carignano
* 3d Modelling for Valorizing 20th Century Architectural Archives: The Case of The Unbuilt Project for a Theatre in Cagliari By Carlo Mollino
* Augmented Turin Baroque Atria: AR Experiences for Enhancing Cultural Heritage
* Baroque Banded Vaults: Surveying and Modeling. the Case Study of A Noble Palace In Turin
* From Survey to 3d Modelling to Digital Fabrication. a Workflow Aimed at Documenting and Transmitting Built Heritage
* Recognizing the Design Patterns of Complex Vaults: Drawing, Survey and Modeling. Experiments on Palazzo Mazzonis' Atrium in Turin

Spaltenstein, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Automated Quantification of Myocardial Infarction Using a Hidden Markov Random Field Model and the EM Algorithm

Spalton, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Coupled Spatiotemporal Characterization of Monsoon Cloud Cover and Vegetation Phenology

Spaltro, E.[Emiliano] Co Author Listing * Wide-Area GNSS Corrections for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Agriculture

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