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Slusallek, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * CGiS, a new Language for Data-parallel GPU Programming
* DRONE: A Flexible Framework for Distributed Rendering and Display
* Fast and Accurate Ray-Voxel Intersection Techniques for Iso-Surface Ray Tracing
* FiVES: an aspect-oriented approach for shared virtual environments in the web
* From real cities to virtual worlds using an open modular architecture
* Segmentation of Femoral Head from CT after Femoral Neck Fracture
* Synthesis of Compositional Animations from Textual Descriptions
* Wide Area Camera Calibration using Virtual Calibration Objects
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Slusanschi, E. Co Author Listing * Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images with Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization
* Depth distillation: unsupervised metric depth estimation for UAVs by finding consensus between kinematics, optical flow and deep learning
* Roadmap Generation using a Multi-stage Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Smoothing-Based Optimization
* SafeUAV: Learning to Estimate Depth and Safe Landing Areas for UAVs from Synthetic Data
Includes: Slusanschi, E. Slusanschi, E.[Emil]

Slusarski, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Visualisation of Spatial Data Uncertainty. A Case Study of a Database of Topographic Objects

Sluss, J. Co Author Listing * detection of single hepatocytes within clusters in microscopic images, The
Includes: Sluss, J. Sluss, Jr., J.

Sluss, J.J.[James J.] Co Author Listing * Precise Control over the Individual DMD Micromirror for Volumetric Three-Dimensional Display Applications
* Tomographic approaches towards focused SAR image development
* Vehicle Identification Via Sparse Representation
Includes: Sluss, J.J.[James J.] Sluss, J.J.

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