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Sin, A.K.[Aw Kien] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Wearable Device for the Elderly (W-Emas)
* Tangible Interaction in Learning Astronomy through Augmented Reality Book-Based Educational Tool

Sin, B.[Bongkee] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Online Cursive Korean Characters Combining Statistical and Structural Methods

Sin, B.K.[Bong Kee] Co Author Listing * Analyzing human interactions with a network of dynamic probabilistic models
* Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Real-Time Video Surveillance
* Character spotting using image-based stochastic models
* Hand gesture recognition based on dynamic Bayesian network framework
* HMM-Based Gait Recognition with Human Profiles
* Ligature Modeling for Online Cursive Script Recognition
* Locating characters in scene images using frequency features
* Network-Based Approach To Korean Handwriting Analysis
* Network-Based Approach to Online Cursive Script Recognition
* Recognizing hand gestures using dynamic Bayesian network
* Robust modeling and recognition of hand gestures with dynamic Bayesian network
* Tracking non-rigid objects using probabilistic Hausdorff distance matching
Includes: Sin, B.K.[Bong Kee] Sin, B.K.[Bong-Kee] Sin, B.K.
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Sin, C.H.[Chin Hong] Co Author Listing * Geodesic tree-based dynamic programming for fast stereo reconstruction
Includes: Sin, C.H.[Chin Hong] Sin, C.H.[Chin-Hong]

Sin, K.K. Co Author Listing * HDTV coding using hybrid MRVQ/DCT

Sin, S.K. Co Author Listing * comparison of deconvolution techniques for the ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of materials, A

Sin, T.M.[Tsai Min] Co Author Listing * Optimization of a Semi-Analytical Algorithm for Multi-Temporal Water Quality Monitoring in Inland Waters with Wide Natural Variability

Sin, W.C.[Wan Chi] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Chinese/English text detection in images and video frames
Includes: Sin, W.C.[Wan Chi] Sin, W.C.[Wan-Chi]

Sin, Z.P.T.[Zackary P. T.] Co Author Listing * Improving Chinese Reading Comprehensions of Dyslexic Children via VR Reading

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