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Shkodrani, S.[Sindi] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Adaptation on Non-stationary Visual Domains
* Prior to Segment: Foreground Cues for Weakly Annotated Classes in Partially Supervised Instance Segmentation

Shkolnik, M.[Moran] Co Author Listing * Thanks for Nothing: Predicting Zero-valued Activations with Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks

Shkolnikov, I. Co Author Listing * Increasing-Geometric Accuracy of DMC's Virtual Images

Shkolnikov, V.[Viktor] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Method with Edge Awareness for Abnormally Shaped Nuclei Segmentation, An

Shkolnisky, Y. Co Author Listing * Accelerating X-Ray Data Collection Using Pyramid Beam Ray Casting Geometries
* Accurate Multi-Dimensional Alignment
* algebraic approach to symmetry detection, An
* Algebraically Accurate Volume Registration Using Euler's Theorem and the 3-D Pseudo-Polar FFT
* Algorithm for Improving Non-Local Means Operators via Low-Rank Approximation, An
* angular difference function and its application to image registration, The
* Common Lines Ab Initio Reconstruction of D_2-Symmetric Molecules in Cryo-Electron Microscopy
* Common Lines Approach for Ab Initio Modeling of Molecules with Tetrahedral and Octahedral Symmetry, A
* CT Reconstruction From Parallel and Fan-Beam Projections by a 2-D Discrete Radon Transform
* Diffusion Interpretation Of Nonlocal Neighborhood Filters For Signal Denoising
* Graph Laplacian Tomography From Unknown Random Projections
* Non Cartesian-FFT Approach to image Alignment, A
* Signal Processing Approach to Symmetry Detection, A
* Steerable Graph Laplacian and its Application to Filtering Image Datasets, The
* Steerable Principal Components for Space-Frequency Localized Images
* Three-Dimensional Structure Determination from Common Lines in Cryo-EM by Eigenvectors and Semidefinite Programming
* Using Visible Spectral Information to Predict Long-Wave Infrared Spectral Emissivity: A Case Study over the Sokolov Area of the Czech Republic with an Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Sensor
* Viewing Angle Classification of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Images Using Eigenvectors
* Viewing Direction Estimation in Cryo-EM Using Synchronization
Includes: Shkolnisky, Y. Shkolnisky, Y.[Yoel]
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