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Sera, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Model to Reconstruct Daily PM2.5 Concentrations across Great Britain, A

Sera, H. Co Author Listing * Facial Image Reconstruction by Estimated Muscle Parameter
* Facial Muscle Parameter Decision from 2D Frontal Image
Includes: Sera, H. Sera, H.[Hajime]

Sera, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Excitation of complex profiles by CARVE sequence: Accounting for spectral dispersion and relaxation

Serafica, R.[Reimund] Co Author Listing * Mysnapfoodlog: Culturally Sensitive Food Photo-logging App for Dietary Biculturalism Studies

Serafico, B.M.F.[Bess Ma F.] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence System for Large-Scale Arrhythmia Screening

Serafimovich, P.G.[Pavel G.] Co Author Listing * Using a Binary Diffractive Optical Element to Increase the Imaging System Depth of Field in UAV Remote Sensing Tasks

Serafin, S. Co Author Listing * comparison of different methods for reducing the unintended positional drift accompanying walking-in-place locomotion, A
* digital Intonarumori, The
* Effect of Multimodal Feedback on Perceived Exertion on a VR Exercise Setting, The
* Effects of Ecological Auditory Feedback on Rhythmic Walking Interaction, The
* Fwobble: Continuous audio-haptic feedback for balance control, The
* Tapping-In-Place: Increasing the naturalness of immersive walking-in-place locomotion through novel gestural input
* Visual realism and presence in a virtual reality game
Includes: Serafin, S. Serafin, S.[Stefania]
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Serafini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Proximal Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: An Effective Tool to Discern Rain from Irrigation
* Three-Dimensional Vision System for Bin-Picking, A
Includes: Serafini, A.[Andrea] Serafini, A.

Serafini, L.[Luciano] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Proximity-Aware Tasks for Embodied Social Navigation
* Knowledge Enhanced Neural Networks for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Mixing Low-Level and Semantic Features for Image Interpretation
* Online Learning of Reusable Abstract Models for Object Goal Navigation

Serafini, M.[Michelina] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Investigation of the Boulder Clay Glacier and Northern Foothills (Victoria Land, Antarctica) by Integrated Surveying Techniques
* RES Signatures of Ice Bottom Near to Dome C (Antarctica)
Includes: Serafini, M.[Michelina] Serafini, M.

Serafini, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Assessing Conservation Conditions at La Fortaleza de Kuelap, Peru, Based on Integrated Close-Range Remote Sensing and Near-Surface Geophysics

Serafino, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Using UAV Imagery to Detect and Map Woody Species Encroachment in a Subalpine Grassland: Advantages and Limits

Serafino, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Comparison between Drifter and X-Band Wave Radar for Sea Surface Current Estimation, A
* Comparison of Measured Surface Currents from High Frequency (HF) and X-Band Radar in a Marine Protected Coastal Area of the Ligurian Sea: Toward an Integrated Monitoring System
* Four-Dimensional SAR Imaging for Height Estimation and Monitoring of Single and Double Scatterers
* Gamma Gaussian Inverse Wishart Probability Hypothesis Density for Extended Target Tracking Using X-Band Marine Radar Data
* Geometrical SAR Image Registration
* Imaging of Single and Double Scatterers in Urban Areas via SAR Tomography
* Proof of Feasibility of the Sea State Monitoring from Data Collected in Medium Pulse Mode by a X-Band Wave Radar System
* Three-Dimensional Multipass SAR Focusing: Experiments With Long-Term Spaceborne Data
* Use of X-Band Radars to Monitor Small Garbage Islands
* X-Band Radar for Cetacean Detection (Focus on Tursiops truncatus) and Preliminary Analysis of Their Behavior
Includes: Serafino, F.[Francesco] Serafino, F.
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Serag, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Whole Brain MRI Segmentation of the Developing Neonatal Brain
* Multi-channel 4D Probabilistic Atlas of the Developing Brain: Application to Fetuses and Neonates, A

Serain, A.M.[Andrea M.] Co Author Listing * Combining generative and discriminative models for classifying social images from 101 object categories

Serain, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Digital Technologies to the Mediation of the Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage, The
Includes: Serain, C.[Clement] Serain, C.[Clément]

Seraj, M.S.[Md Shamim] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised Deep Domain Adaptation for Deepfake Detection

Seraji, G.[Gohlamali] Co Author Listing * Arithmetic errors in the sub-band FFT: derivation of error equations and simulation results

Seran, V.[Vidhya] Co Author Listing * 3D Based Video Coding in the Overcomplete Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain with Reduced Delay Requirements
* Drift Control in Variable Bitrate Wireless Channels for Scalable Wavelet Based Video Coding in the Overcomplete Discretewavelet Transform Domain
* Drift controlled scalable wavelet based video coding in the overcomplete discrete wavelet transform domain
* New Scaling Coefficients for Biorthogonal Filter to Control Distortion Variation in 3D Wavelet Based Video Coding
* New Temporal Filtering Scheme to Reduce Delay in Wavelet-Based Video Coding
* Quality Variation Control for Three-Dimensional Wavelet-Based Video Coders
Includes: Seran, V.[Vidhya] Seran, V.

Serantoni, E. Co Author Listing * Point Cloud Dataset and FEM for a Complex Geometry: The San Luzi Bell Tower Case Study

Seraphim, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Temporal Sequences of EEG Covariance Matrices for Automated Sleep Stage Scoring with Attention Mechanisms

Serapioni, R.P.[Raul Paolo] Co Author Listing * GRASS: A Gradient-Based Random Sampling Scheme for Milano Retinex
* GREAT: a gradient-based color-sampling scheme for Retinex
* Image Contrast Measure Based on Retinex Principles, An
* New Region-based Active Contour Model for Object Segmentation, A
Includes: Serapioni, R.P.[Raul Paolo] Serapioni, R.P.

Serati, S. Co Author Listing * Review of Phased Array Steering for Narrow-Band Electrooptical Systems, A

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