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Sejnowski, T.J.[Terrence J.] Co Author Listing * email: Sejnowski, T.J.[Terrence J.]: terry AT salk edu
* Chromatic structure of natural scenes
* Classifying Facial Actions
* Correlated Percolation, Fractal Structures, and Scale-Invariant Distribution of Clusters in Natural Images
* Face recognition by independent component analysis
* ICA Mixture Models for Unsupervised Classification of Non-Gaussian Classes and Automatic Context Switching in Blind Separation
* independent components of natural scenes are edge filters, The
* Learning Algorithm for Boltzmann Machines, A
* Measuring Facial Expressions by Computer Image Analysis
* Optimal Perceptual Inference
* Separating Figure from Ground with a Boltzmann Machine
* Utilizing Deep Learning Towards Multi-Modal Bio-Sensing and Vision-Based Affective Computing
Includes: Sejnowski, T.J.[Terrence J.] Sejnowski, T.J.
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