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Seal, A.[Ayan] Co Author Listing * CoInNet: A Convolution-Involution Network With a Novel Statistical Attention for Automatic Polyp Segmentation
* FLEPNet: Feature Level Ensemble Parallel Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Holistic Grid Fusion Based Stop Line Estimation
* Minutiae based thermal face recognition using blood perfusion data
* MRI and SPECT Image Fusion Using a Weighted Parameter Adaptive Dual Channel PCNN
* Novel Parameter Adaptive Dual Channel MSPCNN Based Single Image Dehazing for Intelligent Transportation Systems, A
* Single image dehazing using a new color channel
Includes: Seal, A.[Ayan] Seal, A.[Arunava] Seal, A.
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Seal, C.H.[Christopher Henry] Co Author Listing * Personal identification

Seal, K.[Krishanu] Co Author Listing * Novel Learning-Based Framework for Detecting Interesting Events in Soccer Videos, A
* Search based Video Recommendations
Includes: Seal, K.[Krishanu] Seal, K.

Seales, B. Co Author Listing * Endoscopic Video Texture Mapping on Pre-Built 3-D Anatomical Objects Without Camera Tracking

Seales, W.B.[W. Brent] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Seales, W.B.[W. Brent]: seales AT dcs uky edu
* Active-camera calibration using iterative image feature localization
* Appearance Models of Three-Dimensional Shape for Machine Vision and Graphics
* Building Global Object Models by Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Building Three-Dimensional Object Models from Image Sequences
* Constrained Viewpoint from Occluding Contour
* Document Restoration Using 3D Shape: A General Deskewing Algorithm for Arbitrarily Warped Documents
* Efficient content extraction in compressed images
* Geometric and Photometric Restoration of Distorted Documents
* Image Restoration of Arbitrarily Warped Documents
* Incorporating Geometric Registration with PC-Cluster Rendering for Flexible Tiled Displays
* Measuring time-to-contact using active camera control
* Modeling the Rim Appearance
* New Technique for the Digitization and Restoration of Deteriorated Photographic Negatives, A
* Object recognition in compressed imagery
* Occlusion-Based Representation of Shape for Viewpoint Recovery, An
* Opaque Document Imaging: Building Images of Inaccessible Texts
* Restoring 2D Content from Distorted Documents
* Towards Automatic Photometric Correction of Casually Illuminated Documents
* Viewpoint from Occluding Contour
Includes: Seales, W.B.[W. Brent] Seales, W.B.
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Seals, C.[Cheryl] Co Author Listing * Using AR Headset Camera to Track Museum Visitor Attention: Initial Development Phase

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