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Saktheeswaran, A. Co Author Listing * Comparing the performance of natural, semi-natural, and non-natural locomotion techniques in virtual reality

Sakthivel, G.[Ganesan] Co Author Listing * Multi-objective genetic algorithm on hexagonal search for fast motion estimation

Sakthivel, R. Co Author Listing * Dem Assessment Derived From Close Range Photogrammetry: A Case Study From Kadavur Area, Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India

Sakthivel, S.P.[Shanmuga Priyaa] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution mapping of hyperspectral satellite images using hybrid genetic algorithm

Sakti, A.D.[Anjar Dimara] Co Author Listing * Assessing Potential Climatic and Human Pressures in Indonesian Coastal Ecosystems Using a Spatial Data-Driven Approach
* Characteristics of False-Positive Active Fires for Biomass Burning Monitoring in Indonesia from VIIRS Data and Local Geo-Features
* Determining Optimal Location for Mangrove Planting Using Remote Sensing and Climate Model Projection in Southeast Asia
* Developing Relative Spatial Poverty Index Using Integrated Remote Sensing and Geospatial Big Data Approach: A Case Study of East Java, Indonesia
* Development of Spatial Model for Food Security Prediction Using Remote Sensing Data in West Java, Indonesia
* Multi-Criteria Assessment for City-Wide Rooftop Solar PV Deployment: A Case Study of Bandung, Indonesia
* Multi-Scenario Model of Plastic Waste Accumulation Potential in Indonesia Using Integrated Remote Sensing, Statistic and Socio-Demographic Data
* Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Product Analysis: Investigating Anthropogenic and Naturogenic Impacts on Mangroves in Southeast Asia
* Potential Loss of Ecosystem Service Value Due to Vessel Activity Expansion in Indonesian Marine Protected Areas
* School Location Analysis by Integrating the Accessibility, Natural and Biological Hazards to Support Equal Access to Education
* Spatial Prioritization for Wildfire Mitigation by Integrating Heterogeneous Spatial Data: A New Multi-Dimensional Approach for Tropical Rainforests
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Sakti, S.[Sakriani] Co Author Listing * Instance-Level Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation for Limited-Labeled Sketch-to-Photo Retrieval
* ReMOT: A model-agnostic refinement for multiple object tracking
* Tackling multiple object tracking with complicated motions: Re-designing the integration of motion and appearance

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