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Sadjadi, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Object Classification Using Complex SAR Signatures
* Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Performance Evaluation: The Bottleneck in the Development Life Cycle
* Detection of buried objects using GPR change detection in polarimetric Huynen spaces
* Experimental Design Methodology: The Scientific Tool for Performance Evaluation
* Extraction of surface normal and index of refraction using a pair of passive infrared polarimetric sensors
* Passive 3D sensing, and reconstruction using multi-view imaging
* Performance Evaluation Of A Texture-Based Segmentation Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation of Signal And Image Processing Systems
* Polarimetric IR Automatic Target Detection and Recognition
* Special section on Advances in Machine Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum (BVS)
Includes: Sadjadi, F. Sadjadi, F.[Firooz] Sadjadi, F.[Farzad]
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Sadjadi, F.A. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Image Metrics In Dynamic Scene Adaptation
* Automatic Object Recognition
* Automatic Object Recognition II
* Automatic Object Recognition III
* Automatic Object Recognition IV
* Automatic Object Recognition V
* Automatic Object Recognition VI
* Automatic ObjectTarget Recognition VIII
* Comparative Image Fusion Analysais
* Invariants of Passive Infrared Polarization Transformations
* Measurement of Two Phase Flow Velocities Using Image Correlation
* Measuring Curved Surfaces for Robot Vision
* Numerical Computations of Moment Invariants for Scene Analysis
* Object Recognition by Three Dimensional Moment Invariants
* Performance Evaluation of a Texture-Based Segmentation Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation of Signal and Image Processing Systems
* Performance Evaluations of Correlations of Digital Images Using Different Separability Measures
* Perspective on Automatic Target Recognition Evaluation Technology, A
* Three-Dimensional Moment Invariants
* Three-Dimensional Moment Invariants for Automated Target Recognition
Includes: Sadjadi, F.A. Sadjadi, F.A.[Firooz A.]
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Sadjadi, N.[Niousha] Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Knowledge Distillation for Anomaly Detection

Sadjadi, S.J. Co Author Listing * Robust Train Timetabling Problem: Mathematical Model and Branch and Bound Algorithm

Sadjadi, S.O. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Speech Activity Detection Using Voicing Measures and Perceptual Spectral Flux

Sadjadi, S.Y.[Seyyed Yousef] Co Author Listing * Assessment of using an Intelligent Algorithm for the Interpolation of Elevation in the DTM Generation, The
* Using Digital Terrestrial Photogrammetry in Cultural Heritage Case Study: The Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran
Includes: Sadjadi, S.Y.[Seyyed Yousef] Sadjadi, S.Y.

Sadjadiz, F.[Firooz] Co Author Listing * Extraction of surface normal and index of refraction using a pair of passive infrared polarimetric sensors

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