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Saaidi, A.[Abderrahim] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction system based on incremental structure from motion using a camera with varying parameters
* Camera self-calibration with varying intrinsic parameters by an unknown three-dimensional scene
* flexible technique based on fundamental matrix for camera self-calibration with variable intrinsic parameters from two views, A
* Grayscale image encryption using shift bits operations
* Pedagogical Efficiency at the Ludic Level of a Serious Game
* Securing the architecture of the JPEG compression by an dynamic encryption
* Stereo Planar Self-Calibration Method of a Camera with Variable Intrinsic Parameters, A
Includes: Saaidi, A.[Abderrahim] Saaidi, A.[Abderahim] Saaidi, A.
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Saaidia, M. Co Author Listing * Face localization by neural networks trained with Zernike moments and Eigenfaces feature vectors. A comparison
* Online Quality measurement of face localization obtained by neural networks trained with Zernike moments feature vectors

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