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Romdhane, F.[Feriel] Co Author Listing * new method for three-dimensional magnetic resonance images denoising, A

Romdhane, R.[Rim] Co Author Listing * Activity recognition and uncertain knowledge in video scenes
* Evaluation of a monitoring system for event recognition of older people
* Framework Dealing with Uncertainty for Complex Event Recognition, A
* Probabilistic Recognition of Complex Event
* Video Event Detection Based Non-stationary Bayesian Networks

Romdhani, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Model for Pose and Illumination Invariant Face Recognition, A
* 3D GAN for Improved Large-pose Facial Recognition, A
* 3D Probabilistic Feature Point Model for Object Detection and Recognition
* 3D-Aided Face Recognition Robust to Expression and Pose Variations
* Combining PCA and LFA for Surface Reconstruction from a Sparse Set of Control Points
* Computationally Efficient Face Detection
* Corresponding dynamic appearances
* Efficient Face Detection by a Cascaded Support Vector Machine Using Haar-Like Features
* Efficient, robust and accurate fitting of a 3d morphable model
* Estimating 3D Shape and Texture Using Pixel Intensity, Edges, Specular Highlights, Texture Constraints and a Prior
* Face identification across different poses and illuminations with a 3D morphable model
* Face Identification by Fitting a 3D Morphable Model Using Linear Shape and Texture Error Functions
* Face Recognition Using 3-D Models: Pose and Illumination
* Generic Face Appearance Model of Shape and Texture Under Very Large Pose Variations from Profile to Profile Views, A
* Learning a Single Active Face Shape Model across Views
* Multi-View Nonlinear Active Shape Model Using Kernel PCA
* Multi-View Nonlinear Active Shape Model Using Kernel PCA, A
* On Utilising Template and Feature-based Correspondence in Multi-view Appearance Models
* Optimal Step Nonrigid ICP Algorithms for Surface Registration
* Over-Complete Wavelet Approximation of a Support Vector Machine for Efficient Classification
* Reconstructing High Quality Face-Surfaces using Model Based Stereo
* Taking Control of Intra-class Variation in Conditional GANs Under Weak Supervision
* Wavelet Frame Accelerated Reduced Support Vector Machines
Includes: Romdhani, S.[Sami] Romdhani, S.
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