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Rokne, J. Co Author Listing * Computing Line Intersections
* efficient algorithm for fingerprint matching, An
* H-OCS: A Hybrid Optic Cup Segmentation of Retinal Images
* Incorporating object-centered sampling and Delaunay tetrahedrization for visual hull reconstruction
* Scci-hybrid Methods For 2d Curve Tracing
* Transfer Learning Through Weighted Loss Function and Group Normalization for Vessel Segmentation from Retinal Images
* Utilizing Transfer Learning and a Customized Loss Function for Optic Disc Segmentation from Retinal Images
Includes: Rokne, J. Rokne, J.[Jon] Rokne, J.[Jone]
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Rokne, J.G.[Jon G.] Co Author Listing * Double-Step Incremental Generation of Lines and Circles
* novel terrain rendering algorithm based on quasi Delaunay triangulation, A
* State Of The Art In The Realistic Modeling Of Plant Venation Systems

Rokni, K.[Komeil] Co Author Listing * Water Feature Extraction and Change Detection Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery

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