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Retscher, G. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Car Collaborative Positioning with UWB and Vision
* Experimental Assessment of UWB and Vision-Based Car Cooperative Positioning System
* Indoor Navigation and Mapping: Performance Analysis of Uwb-based Platform Positioning
* Progress On Isprs Benchmark On Multisensory Indoor Mapping And Positioning
Includes: Retscher, G. Retscher, G.[Guenther]

Retsinas, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Alternative Deep Feature Approach to Line Level Keyword Spotting, An
* Deformation-Invariant Networks for Handwritten Text Recognition
* Efficient Learning-Free Keyword Spotting
* Enhancing Handwritten Text Recognition with N-gram sequence decomposition and Multitask Learning
* Greek Polytonic OCR Based on Efficient Character Class Number Reduction
* GRPOLY-DB: An old Greek polytonic document image database
* Isolated character recognition using projections of oriented gradients
* Mushroom Segmentation and 3D Pose Estimation from Point Clouds using Fully Convolutional Geometric Features and Implicit Pose Encoding
* Online Weight Pruning Via Adaptive Sparsity Loss
* Quaternion Generative Adversarial Networks for Inscription Detection in Byzantine Monuments
* Realistic Synthetic Mushroom Scenes Dataset, A
* SPECTRE: Visual Speech-Informed Perceptual 3D Facial Expression Reconstruction from Videos
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Retsios, V.[Vasilios] Co Author Listing * Workflow for Automated Satellite Image Processing: from Raw VHSR Data to Object-Based Spectral Information for Smallholder Agriculture, A

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