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Rego Sanmartin, T. Co Author Listing * D3mobile Metrology World League: Training Secondary Students on Smartphone-based Photogrammetry
* Improving Quality and Inclusive Education on Photogrammetry: New Teaching Approaches and Multimedia Supporting Materials
Includes: Rego Sanmartin, T. Rego-Sanmartín, T.

Rego, C. Co Author Listing * Multistart Tabu Search and Diversification Strategies for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
* TABU Search Homepage
Includes: Rego, C. Rego, C.[Cesar]

Rego, J. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Sensor Quantization of Raw Images For Visual SLAM
* Modeling Biological Immunity to Adversarial Examples

Rego, J.B.A.[Joilson B. A.] Co Author Listing * Complex Correntropy: Probabilistic Interpretation and Application to Complex-Valued Data

Rego, J.D.[Joshua D.] Co Author Listing * Robust Lensless Image Reconstruction via PSF Estimation

Rego, L.[Leonor] Co Author Listing * Learning from Accidents: Spatial Intelligence Applied to Road Accidents with Insights from a Case Study in Setubal District, Portugal

Rego, L.F.G. Co Author Listing * PIMAR Project: Monitoring the Atlantic Rainforest Remnants and the Urban Growth of the Rio de Janeiro City (Brazil) Through Remote Sensing

Rego, P. Co Author Listing * Tracking environmental impacts and habitat fragmentation on coastal protected areas through object oriented analysis. Identification and categorization of linear disturbances in Corrubedo Natural Park (NW Iberian Peninsula)

Rego, P.A.L.[Paulo A.L.] Co Author Listing * high-efficiency energy and storage approach for IoT applications of facial recognition, A
* novel feature extractor for human action recognition in visual question answering, A

Rego, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * 3D Multimodal Visualization of Subdural Electrodes with Cerebellum Removal to Guide Epilepsy Resective Surgery Procedures

Regoli, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Template Analysis Methodology to Improve the Efficiency of Fast Matching Algorithms, A

Regos, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Combining Citizen Science Data and Satellite Descriptors of Ecosystem Functioning to Monitor the Abundance of a Migratory Bird during the Non-Breeding Season
* Hydrological Impacts of Large Fires and Future Climate: Modeling Approach Supported by Satellite Data
* Model-Assisted Bird Monitoring Based on Remotely Sensed Ecosystem Functioning and Atlas Data
* Remotely Sensed Variables of Ecosystem Functioning Support Robust Predictions of Abundance Patterns for Rare Species
Includes: Regos, A.[Adrian] Regos, A.[Adrián]

Regot, J. Co Author Listing * Metric Survey Of The Monument Of Queen Elisenda's Tomb In The Monastery Of Pedralbes, Barcelona

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