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Redolfi, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Classifier Combination Using Random Walks on the Space of Concepts
* Exponential family Fisher vector for image classification

Redolfi, J.A.[Javier A.] Co Author Listing * Fisher Vectors for Leaf Image Classification: An Experimental Evaluation

Redon, M.[Marjorie] Co Author Listing * 3D surface Approximation of the Entire Bayeux Tapestry for Improved Pedagogical Access

Redon, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Continuous collision detection for adaptive simulation of articulated bodies

Redondi, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Bamboo: A fast descriptor based on AsymMetric pairwise BOOsting
* Briskola: BRISK optimized for low-power ARM architectures
* Coding binary local features extracted from video sequences
* Coding Local and Global Binary Visual Features Extracted From Video Sequences
* Coding video sequences of visual features
* Coding Visual Features Extracted From Video Sequences
* Enabling visual analysis in wireless sensor networks
* Energy Consumption of Visual Sensor Networks: Impact of Spatio-Temporal Coverage
* Hybrid coding of visual content and local image features
* Rate-accuracy optimization in visual wireless sensor networks
* Rate-accuracy optimization of binary descriptors
Includes: Redondi, A.[Alessandro] Redondi, A.
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Redondo Cabrera, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * All together now: Simultaneous Detection and Continuous Pose Estimation using a Hough Forest with Probabilistic Locally Enhanced Voting
* Because better detections are still possible: Multi-aspect Object Detection with Boosted Hough Forest
* challenge of simultaneous object detection and pose estimation: A comparative study, The
* Fast Head Pose Estimation for Human-Computer Interaction
* Learning to Exploit the Prior Network Knowledge for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Pose Estimation Errors, the Ultimate Diagnosis
* Recognizing in the depth: Selective 3D Spatial Pyramid Matching Kernel for object and scene categorization
* SHREC'12 Track: Generic 3d Shape Retrieval
* SURFing the point clouds: Selective 3D spatial pyramids for category-level object recognition
* Unsupervised learning from videos using temporal coherency deep networks
Includes: Redondo Cabrera, C.[Carolina] Redondo-Cabrera, C.[Carolina] Redondo-Cabrera, C.
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Redondo, F.M.[Felix Mateos] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1 Data Processing for Detecting and Monitoring of Ground Instabilities in the Rocky Coast of Central Asturias (N Spain)
Includes: Redondo, F.M.[Felix Mateos] Redondo, F.M.[Félix Mateos]

Redondo, J.L. Co Author Listing * Image Registration in Electron Microscopy: A Stochastic Optimization Approach

Redondo, R. Co Author Listing * 2D Wigner Distribution-based multisize windows technique for image fusion, A
* Are Iterations and Curvature Useful for Tensor Voting?
* Diatom Screening and Classification by Shape Analysis
* Lossless chain coder for gray edge images
* Self-Invertible 2D Log-Gabor Wavelets
* Sparse Edge Coding Using Overcomplete Gabor Wavelets
* Sparse Overcomplete Gabor Wavelet Representation Based on Local Competitions
Includes: Redondo, R. Redondo, R.[Rafael]
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Redou, P. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Modeling and Oxygen Impact on Tumor Temporal Evolution: Application on Rectal Cancer During Radiotherapy

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