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Reda, F.[Fitsum] Co Author Listing * Disentangling Architecture and Training for Optical Flow
* FILM: Frame Interpolation for Large Motion
* TryOnDiffusion: A Tale of Two UNets
* Unsupervised Video Interpolation Using Cycle Consistency
Includes: Reda, F.[Fitsum] Reda, F.

Reda, F.A.[Fitsum A.] Co Author Listing * Feature-Align Network with Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Denoising
* Fully Automatic Surface-Based Pre- to Intra-operative CT Registration for Cochlear Implant
* HIME: Efficient Headshot Image Super-Resolution with Multiple Exemplars
* Image Inpainting for Irregular Holes Using Partial Convolutions
* Improving Semantic Segmentation via Video Propagation and Label Relaxation
* Partial Convolution for Padding, Inpainting, and Image Synthesis
* SDC-Net: Video Prediction Using Spatially-Displaced Convolution
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Reda, I. Co Author Listing * Detecting and Localizing Prostate Cancer from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Novel ADCs-Based CNN Classification System for Precise Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, A

Reda, K.[Kinga] Co Author Listing * Detection, Classification and Boundary Regularization of Buildings in Satellite Imagery Using Faster Edge Region Convolutional Neural Networks
* human-computer collaborative workflow for the acquisition and analysis of terrestrial insect movement in behavioral field studies, A
Includes: Reda, K.[Kinga] Reda, K.[Khairi]

Reda, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * YOLO-DCTI: Small Object Detection in Remote Sensing Base on Contextual Transformer Enhancement

Reda, S.[Sherief] Co Author Listing * AdaMTL: Adaptive Input-dependent Inference for Efficient Multi-Task Learning

Redaelli, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Space Weather Effects Observed in the Northern Hemisphere during November 2021 Geomagnetic Storm: The Impacts on Plasmasphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere Systems

Redarce, T.[Tanneguy] Co Author Listing * CAD-based 3D data acquisition strategy for inspection, A
* CAD-based range sensor placement for optimum 3D data acquisition
* CCD Camera Modeling and Simulation
* Extracting and tracking Colon's Pattern from Colonoscopic Images
* Real-Time Robot Manipulation Using Mouth Gestures in Facial Video Sequences
* Robot Command Interface Using an Audio-Visual Speech Recognition System
* Spatial Contours for Vision and CAD Model-Matching
* Tolerance control with high resolution 3D measurements
Includes: Redarce, T.[Tanneguy] Redarce, T.
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