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Recker, S.[Shawn] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of GPU-Accelerated Multi-view Sequential Reconstruction Triangulation Methods for Large-Scale Scenes, A
* Depth data assisted structure-from-motion parameter optimization and feature track correction
* Efficient dense reconstruction using geometry and image consistency constraints
* Feature track summary visualization for sequential multi-view reconstruction
* Fury of the Swarm: Efficient and Very Accurate Triangulation for Multi-view Scene Reconstruction
* GPU-accelerated and efficient multi-view triangulation for scene reconstruction
* Statistical angular error-based triangulation for efficient and accurate multi-view scene reconstruction
* Uncertainty, Baseline, and Noise Analysis for L1 Error-Based Multi-view Triangulation
* Visualization of scene structure uncertainty in multi-view reconstruction
Includes: Recker, S.[Shawn] Recker, S.
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Recker, W.W. Co Author Listing * Frailty Models for the Estimation of Spatiotemporally Maximum Congested Impact Information on Freeway Accidents
* Methodological Approach for Estimating Temporal and Spatial Extent of Delays Caused by Freeway Accidents, A
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Traffic Congestion Caused by Rubbernecking at Freeway Accidents

Reckien, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * Geo-Information Tools, Governance, and Wicked Policy Problems
* What do New Yorkers Think about Impacts and Adaptation to Heat Waves? An Evaluation Tool to Incorporate Perception of Low-Income Groups into Heat Wave Adaptation Scenarios in New York City

Reckling, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Rapid-DEM: Rapid Topographic Updates through Satellite Change Detection and UAS Data Fusion

Recknagel, J.[Judit] Co Author Listing * MAP Image Labeling Using Wasserstein Messages and Geometric Assignment
* Numerical Integration of Riemannian Gradient Flows for Image Labeling

Recko, W. Co Author Listing * test-bed for computer-assisted fusion of multi-modality medical images, A

Recky, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Fašade Segmentation in a Multi-view Scenario
* Window detection in complex facades
* Windows Detection Using K-means in CIE-Lab Color Space
Includes: Recky, M.[Michal] Recky, M.

Reckziegel, R.B.[Rafael Bohn] Co Author Listing * Modelling and Comparing Shading Effects of 3D Tree Structures with Virtual Leaves

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