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Ramzan, A.[Aneeqa] Co Author Listing * Automated glaucoma detection using retinal layers segmentation and optic cup-to-disc ratio in optical coherence tomography images

Ramzan, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * RETRACTED ARTICLE: Cartesian vector-based directional nonparametric fuzzy filter for random-valued impulse noise removal

Ramzan, N.[Naeem] Co Author Listing * Compact Root Bilinear CNNs for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* efficient information retrieval technique for e-health systems, An
* efficient optimisation scheme for scalable surveillance centric video communications, An
* Efficient scalable video transmission based on two-dimensional error protection scheme
* Efficient transmission of multiview video over unreliable channels
* Error Robustness Scheme for Scalable Video Based on the Concatenation of LDPC and Turbo Codes
* Exploiting social relationships for free-riders detection in minimum-delay P2P scalable video streaming
* game theoretic approach to minimum-delay scalable video transmission over P2P, A
* Image-Evoked Affect and its Impact on Eeg-Based Biometrics
* Improving content-based image retrieval with compact global and local multi-features
* Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Transmission Using an Adaptive Turbo Code
* On the Influence of Affect in EEG-Based Subject Identification
* Perceptually adaptive joint deringing-deblocking filtering for scalable video transmission over wireless networks
* Robust fusion of color and local descriptors for image retrieval and classification
* Scalable Video Transmission Using Double Binary Turbo Code
* Semantic content-based image retrieval: A comprehensive study
* Special issue on advances in 2D/3D Video Streaming Over P2P Networks
* Video Quality Evaluation Methodology and Verification Testing of HEVC Compression Performance
* Video streaming over P2P networks: Challenges and opportunities
Includes: Ramzan, N.[Naeem] Ramzan, N.
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Ramzani, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Diagnosing of Parkinson's disease based on hand drawing analysis using Bi-Directional LSTM equipped with fuzzy inferential soft-max classifier

Ramze Rezaee, M. Co Author Listing * Anatomical model matching with fuzzy implicit surfaces for segmentation of thoracic volume scans

Ramzi, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Average Precision Training for Pertinent Image Retrieval

Ramzi, P.[Pouria] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost Ensemble Classifier System for Classifying Hyperspectral Data, An
* Capability Assessment of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for 3D Reconstruction Using RPC Parameters
* Classification of LiDAR data based on multi-class SVM
* Complex Scene Analysis in Urban Areas Based on an Ensemble Clustering Method Applied on Lidar Data
Includes: Ramzi, P.[Pouria] Ramzi, P.

Ramzi, Z.[Zaccharie] Co Author Listing * NC-PDNet: A Density-Compensated Unrolled Network for 2D and 3D Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction
* Results of the 2020 fastMRI Challenge for Machine Learning MR Image Reconstruction

Ramzy, M. Co Author Listing * FuseMODNet: Real-Time Camera and LiDAR Based Moving Object Detection for Robust Low-Light Autonomous Driving

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