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Piuri, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Surface Reconstruction: Multi-Scale Hierarchical Approaches
* Advanced 3D Deep Non-Local Embedded System for Self-Augmented X-Ray-based COVID-19 Assessment
* Advanced Temporal Dilated Convolutional Neural Network for a Robust Car Driver Identification
* Adversarial Defect Synthesis for Industrial Products in Low Data Regime
* Agent-based image iris segmentation and multiple views boundary refining
* All-IDB: The acute lymphoblastic leukemia image database for image processing
* Biometric Recognition in Automated Border Control: A Survey
* Biometric Recognition of PPG Cardiac Signals Using Transformed Spectrogram Images
* Deep-ECG: Convolutional Neural Networks for ECG biometric recognition
* Design of an Automatic Wood Types Classification System by Using Fluorescence Spectra
* Enhanced vector quantization for data reduction and filtering
* Fingerprint Biometrics via Low-cost Sensors and Webcams
* Fingerprint local analysis for high-performance Minutiae extraction
* Grad2 VAE: An Explainable Variational Autoencoder Model Based on Online Attentions Preserving Curvatures of Representations
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Data Science for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Guest Editorial: Multimedia-Based Healthcare
* I-SOCIAL-DB: A labeled database of images collected from websites and social media for Iris recognition
* Introduction to the Special Section on Biometric Systems and Applications
* MFFA-SARNET: Deep Transferred Multi-Level Feature Fusion Attention Network with Dual Optimized Loss for Small-Sample SAR ATR
* MultiCardioNet: Interoperability between ECG and PPG biometrics
* Non-ideal iris segmentation using Polar Spline RANSAC and illumination compensation
* novel pore extraction method for heterogeneous fingerprint images using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Photoplethysmographic biometrics: A comprehensive survey
* Semantic Analysis and Understanding of Human Behavior in Video Streaming
* Toward Unconstrained Fingerprint Recognition: A Fully Touchless 3-D System Based on Two Views on the Move
* Towards Explainable Face Aging with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Unsupervised Learning From Limited Available Data by -NMF and Dual Autoencoder
* Visual Inspection of Particle Boards for Quality Assessment
* Wildfire Smoke Detection Using Computational Intelligence Techniques Enhanced With Synthetic Smoke Plume Generation
Includes: Piuri, V. Piuri, V.[Vincenzo]
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