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Phinn, S.[Stuart] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Derived Digital Elevation Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanning in a Sub-Tropical Forested Environment, An
* Assessing Radiometric Correction Approaches for Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery for Horticultural Applications
* Assessing the 2022 Flood Impacts in Queensland Combining Daytime and Nighttime Optical and Imaging Radar Data
* Automated Cloud and Cloud-Shadow Masking for Landsat 8 Using Multitemporal Images in a Variety of Environments
* Automated Global Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping Using Google Earth Engine
* Characterisation of Banana Plant Growth Using High-Spatiotemporal-Resolution Multispectral UAV Imagery
* Characterizing the Spatial Structure of Mangrove Features for Optimizing Image-Based Mangrove Mapping
* Cloud And Cloud Shadow Masking Using Multi-temporal Cloud Masking Algorithm In Tropical Environmental
* Cloud Processing for Simultaneous Mapping of Seagrass Meadows in Optically Complex and Varied Water
* Comparison of Analytical Approaches for the Spectral Discrimination and Characterisation of Mite Infestations on Banana Plants, A
* Considerations for Assessing Functional Forest Diversity in High-Dimensional Trait Space Derived from Drone-Based Lidar
* Detection of Banana Plants Using Multi-Temporal Multispectral UAV Imagery
* Efficient measurement of large-scale decadal shoreline change with increased accuracy in tide-dominated coastal environments with Google Earth Engine
* Environmental and Sensor Limitations in Optical Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs: Implications for Monitoring and Sensor Design
* ESA-MERIS 10-Year Mission Reveals Contrasting Phytoplankton Bloom Dynamics in Two Tropical Regions of Northern Australia
* Estimating Changes in Leaf Area, Leaf Area Density, and Vertical Leaf Area Profile for Mango, Avocado, and Macadamia Tree Crowns Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Evaluating Variable Selection and Machine Learning Algorithms for Estimating Forest Heights by Combining Lidar and Hyperspectral Data
* Global Sensitivity Analysis for Canopy Reflectance and Vegetation Indices of Mangroves
* Mapping Banana Plants from High Spatial Resolution Orthophotos to Facilitate Plant Health Assessment
* Mapping the condition of macadamia tree crops using multi-spectral UAV and WorldView-3 imagery
* Measuring Canopy Structure and Condition Using Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery in a Horticultural Environment
* Modelling the effects of fundamental UAV flight parameters on LiDAR point clouds to facilitate objectives-based planning
* Object-Based Approach for Multi-Scale Mangrove Composition Mapping Using Multi-Resolution Image Datasets
* Operational Application of the Landsat Timeseries to Address Large Area Landcover Understanding
* Optimising drone flight planning for measuring horticultural tree crop structure
* Remote Sensing of Mangroves and Estuarine Communities in Central Queensland, Australia
* Remote Sensing of Mine Site Rehabilitation for Ecological Outcomes: A Global Systematic Review
* Scaling up Ecological Measurements of Coral Reefs Using Semi-Automated Field Image Collection and Analysis
* Suitability of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Mapping Tree Crop Structural Metrics for Improved Orchard Management
* Two Decades of Land-Use Dynamics in an Urbanizing Tropical Watershed: Understanding the Patterns and Drivers
Includes: Phinn, S.[Stuart] Phinn, S.[Stuart.] Phinn, S.
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Phinn, S.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Geographic Object Based Mapping of Streambed and Riparian Zone Extent from LiDAR Data in a Temperate Rural Urban Environment, Australia
* Continental Scale Mapping of Tidal Flats across East Asia Using the Landsat Archive
* Cost-Effectiveness of Seven Approaches to Map Vegetation Communities: A Case Study from Northern Australia's Tropical Savannas
* High Temporal Frequency Biophysical And Structural Vegetation Information From Multiple Remote Sensing Sensors Can Support Modelling Of Event Based Hillslope Erosion In Queensland
* How Much Shallow Coral Habitat Is There on the Great Barrier Reef?
* Hyperspectral Data for Mangrove Species Mapping: A Comparison of Pixel-Based and Object-Based Approach
* Integrating Quickbird Multi-Spectral Satellite and Field Data: Mapping Bathymetry, Seagrass Cover, Seagrass Species and Change in Moreton Bay, Australia in 2004 and 2007
* Live Coral Cover Index Testing and Application with Hyperspectral Airborne Image Data
* Long term land cover and seagrass mapping using Landsat and object-based image analysis from 1972 to 2010 in the coastal environment of South East Queensland, Australia
* Mangrove Forest Cover and Phenology with Landsat Dense Time Series in Central Queensland, Australia
* Mapping Banana Plantations from Object-oriented Classification of SPOT-5 Imagery
* Mapping Coral Reef Benthos, Substrates, and Bathymetry, Using Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager (CASI) Data
* Mapping Coral Reef Resilience Indicators Using Field and Remotely Sensed Data
* Mapping Decadal Land Cover Changes in the Woodlands of North Eastern Namibia from 1975 to 2014 Using the Landsat Satellite Archived Data
* Mapping Land Cover Types from Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery: Automatic Application of an Object Based Classification Scheme
* Mapping Riparian Zones over Large Regions from High Spatial Resolution Satellite and Airborne Imagery: Specifications for Operational Mapping
* Measuring The Particulate Backscattering Of Inland Waters: A Comparison Of Techniques
* Operational Mapping of the Environmental Condition of Riparian Zones over Large Regions from LiDAR Data
* Preparing Landsat Image Time Series (LITS) for Monitoring Changes in Vegetation Phenology in Queensland, Australia
* Trends in Remote Sensing Accuracy Assessment Approaches in the Context of Natural Resources
Includes: Phinn, S.R. Phinn, S.R.[Stuart R.]
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Phinzi, K.[Kwanele] Co Author Listing * Classification Efficacy Using K-Fold Cross-Validation and Bootstrapping Resampling Techniques on the Example of Mapping Complex Gully Systems
* Machine Learning for Gully Feature Extraction Based on a Pan-Sharpened Multispectral Image: Multiclass vs. Binary Approach

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