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Panuganti, R.[Rajkiran] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Method for Image Super-Resolution From Zoomed Observations, A
* Super-resolution imaging: use of zoom as a cue
* Zoom based super-resolution through SAR model fitting

Panuju, D.R.[Dyah R.] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Techniques Based on Multispectral Images for Investigating Land Cover Dynamics
* Combining Binary and Post-Classification Change Analysis of Augmented ALOS Backscatter for Identifying Subtle Land Cover Changes

Panunzi, A. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Geography, Geology, Land Planning, and Cultural Heritage

Panunzi, L.[Lorenza] Co Author Listing * Integrating SEBAL with in-Field Crop Water Status Measurement for Precision Irrigation Applications: A Case Study

Panurak, K. Co Author Listing * Desertification Assessment Using Medalus Model In Upper Lamchiengkrai Watershed, Thailand

Panusopone, K. Co Author Listing * analysis and efficient implementation of half-pel motion estimation, An
* Ccalf Coefficient Derivation Using Combined Neighbors
* Coding Tools in MPEG-4 for Interlaced Video
* Computation Control Motion Estimation Method for Complexity-Scalable Video Coding, A
* Fast motion estimation algorithm using unequal search effort for H.264|MPEG-4 AVC encoder
* Fast Motion Estimation Method for MPEG-4 Arbitrarily Shaped Objects, A
* Fast Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding, A
* Gradual Decoding Refresh for Versatile Video Coding
* Gradual Decoding Refresh with Virtual Boundary
* Progressive Transmission of Images Using Block Wavelet Transform
* Variable Block Size Coding of Images with Hybrid Quantization
* VQ Based on a Main Feature Classification in Images
Includes: Panusopone, K. Panusopone, K.[Krit]
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