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Oros Peusquens, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-Exponential Relaxometry Using L_1-Regularized Iterative NNLS (MERLIN) With Application to Myelin Water Fraction Imaging
Includes: Oros Peusquens, A. Oros-Peusquens, A.

Orosco, R.K.[Ryan K.] Co Author Listing * Image Based Reconstruction of Liquids from 2D Surface Detections

Orosei, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Liquid Water Detection under the South Polar Layered Deposits of Mars: A Probabilistic Inversion Approach
* Subsurface Radar Sounding of the Jovian Moon Ganymede
Includes: Orosei, R.[Roberto] Orosei, R.

Orosz, G. Co Author Listing * Application of Predictor Feedback to Compensate Time Delays in Connected Cruise Control
* Beyond-Line-of-Sight Identification by Using Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
* Impacts of Connected Automated Vehicles on Freeway Traffic Patterns at Different Penetration Levels
* Motif-Based Design for Connected Vehicle Systems in Presence of Heterogeneous Connectivity Structures and Time Delays
* Optimal Control of Connected Vehicle Systems With Communication Delay and Driver Reaction Time
* Robust Design of Connected Cruise Control Among Human-Driven Vehicles
* Stability and Frequency Response Under Stochastic Communication Delays With Applications to Connected Cruise Control Design
Includes: Orosz, G. Orosz, G.[Gábor]
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