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Oktar, Y. Co Author Listing * Classification Via Simplicial Learning
* K-polytopes: a superproblem of k-means
Includes: Oktar, Y. Oktar, Y.[Yigit]

Oktarina, Y.[Yurni] Co Author Listing * BLOB analysis of an automatic vision guided system for a fruit picking and placing robot

Oktaviani, N. Co Author Listing * Geographically Weighted Regression Approach for Shallow Water Depth Estimation Using Multispectral Satellite Imageries

Oktay, A.B.[Ayse Betul] Co Author Listing * Echocardiographic contour extraction with local and global priors through boosting and level sets
* Extraction of left ventricle borders with local and global priors from echocardiograms
* Human identification with dental panoramic radiographic images
* Novel Level Set Based Echocardiographic Contour Extraction Method with Prior Knowledge, A
* Prostate detection from abdominal ultrasound images: A part based approach

Oktay, D.[Deniz] Co Author Listing * Predicting Motivations of Actions by Leveraging Text

Oktay, E.A.[Eda Aydin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Affective Dimensions of Play in Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapy via Text Analysis

Oktay, O. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation
* Context-Sensitive Super-Resolution for Fast Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* DeepCut: Object Segmentation From Bounding Box Annotations Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Explainable Anatomical Shape Analysis Through Deep Hierarchical Generative Models
* Learning a Global Descriptor of Cardiac Motion from a Large Cohort of 1000+ Normal Subjects
* Learning-Based Heart Coverage Estimation for Short-Axis Cine Cardiac MR Images
* Learning-Based Quality Control for Cardiac MR Images
* Making the Most of Text Semantics to Improve Biomedical Vision-Language Processing
* Probabilistic Edge Map (PEM) for 3D Ultrasound Image Registration and Multi-atlas Left Ventricle Segmentation
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* Stratified Decision Forests for Accurate Anatomical Landmark Localization in Cardiac Images
* Weakly Supervised Estimation of Shadow Confidence Maps in Fetal Ultrasound Imaging
Includes: Oktay, O. Oktay, O.[Ozan]
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Oktay, T. Co Author Listing * Securing Iot With Blockchain

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