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Nosrati, K.[Komeil] Co Author Listing * Cubature Kalman filter-based chaotic synchronization and image encryption

Nosrati, M.S.[Masoud S.] Co Author Listing * Bounded Labeling Function for Global Segmentation of Multi-part Objects with Geometric Constraints
* Local Optimization Based Segmentation of Spatially-Recurring, Multi-Region Objects With Part Configuration Constraints
* novel approach for polygonal rooftop detection in satellite/aerial imageries, A
* Prior Knowledge for Targeted Object Segmentation in Medical Images
* Rooftop detection using a corner-leaping based contour propagation model
* Simultaneous Multi-Structure Segmentation and 3D Nonrigid Pose Estimation in Image-Guided Robotic Surgery

Nosratighods, M.[Mohaddeseh] Co Author Listing * Speaker Verification Using A Novel Set of Dynamic Features

Nosratinia, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of packet header effects in rate allocation for packet video
* Computation of Image Spatial Entropy Using Quadrilateral Markov Random Field
* Exact Recovery in Community Detection With Continuous-Valued Side Information
* Interframe coding of magnetic resonance images
* Interslice coding of magnetic resonance images using deformable triangular patches
* Modelling the Autocorrelation of Wavelet Coefficients for Image Denoising
* Multi-resolution backward video coding
* New Kernels for Fast Mesh-Based Motion Estimation
* On interframe coding models for volumetric medical data
* Optimal Subband Decoding
* Postprocessing of JPEG-2000 images to remove compression artifacts
* Progressive source-channel coding of images over bursty error channels
* Rate Allocation Criteria in Source-channel Coding of Images
* Robust bandlimited watermarking with trellis coded modulation
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